(Translation) 2019 妻不欲尊

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Original Script

有士子喜狎妓。室人語士子曰,男兒之薄室人而溺娼兒何故。士子曰室人有相敬相別之義。可尊而不可狎。至於娼兒。逞情縱欲。淫戲昵翫。無所不至。敬則疏。昵則親。理之然也。室人勃然曰。吾欲尊乎。亂擊不已。 《禦眠楯》


Student Translation : Kristina Kaltenbach

There was a literatus that took pleasure in flirting with courtesans.

His wife spoke to the literatus: “For what reason are men lukewarm to their wives but drown in courtesans?”

The literatus answered: “With wives it is proper for there to be respect for each other and differentiation of domains. You can respect each other but you cannot flirt. When it comes to courtesans, we give in to showing emotions and indulge in desire. Lascivious play, intimate amusement. There is no where you can’t go. If you respect, then you become distant. If you are intimate, then you become close. The principle is being so.”

The wife flaringly said: “Did I wish to be respected?” She beat him senselessly without end.

  • Discussion Questions:

(YO) Well done--I think the light mood of a joke is rendered well here.