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Original Script

無若宋人然:宋人有閔其苗之不長而揠之者,芒芒然歸。謂其人曰:『今日病矣,予助苗長矣。』其子趨而往視之,苗則槁矣。天下之不助苗長者寡矣。以為無益而舍之者,不耘苗者也;助之長者,揠苗者也。非徒無益,而又害之。 《孟子.公孫丑上》


Student Translation : Nadia Arzberger

Thou shall not be like the man from the state of Song. [Among] the people of the state of Song there was a man who was concerned about his sprouts not growing and he pulled them up. He rushed back home and said to his family: "I am exhausted today [because] I helped the sprouts grow." His son [heard that and] rushed to see them [but] the sprouts had withered and died. In the world, those who do not help the sprouts grow are few. It is considered useless that [they can] not help and leave them, are those who do not weed. [However] those who [try to] help them grow, are those who pull the sprouts up. Not only that it is useless but also harmful them [even more].

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