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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 9

I participated in the global camp last summer and it was a great experience for me. So I did not want to miss the opportunity to communicate in English with foreign teachers again. Now, even after the camp ended, I think it was the best thing to do. Last topic was about Go-ryeo and this time, I chose the team with a topic 'Education of Ganghwa'. I want to be a teacher or someone related to education in the future. I think reasearching on education, especially about my hometown Ganghwa, in English is very nice chance to take a step closer to my future dream. Our team tried to give shape to the topic. Finally we decided to introduce Ganghwa's educational slogans, systems and policies that we have experienced at our school and then analyze the present system by thinking the merits, dismerits and complimentary points and make our own educational policies.

Our topic was deeply related to ourselves so it was relatively easy to research. We thought what we have done at the school. We were able to find a complement to our activities as the people who participated in them. By thinking what should be changed, we could make new policies. During this camp, I learned so many things. I could get a chance to evaluate the current education policy and propose a new policy as if I have become a researcher of education policy. I felt very excited when I shared and discussed things with our teammates that I vaguely thought would change at school.

In preparation for the presentation, I had the role of making a ppt. I liked my role because I like to make a ppt so when I make another presentation, I did so. Our team's presentation was largely divided into two parts: an explanation using the usual ppt and a play depicting a press conference. I didn't memorize the lines perfectly, so I was on the stage with a bit of anxiety, but the presentation finished well. Our team did great job! Even though we didn't get the prize, I thought we did so good.

For three days, I was really happy. It was a little bit tired to prepare many things at short time, but it was good to be with the team. All the activities seemed more meaningful together. Our teacher Shaden was really nice. She understood my strange expressions and naturally modified. Also she was cheerful so gave our team bright energy. Thank you very much for coming to our team, Shaden!

2018 Summer Personal Essay

2018 Global Forum Camp Essay Writing

Topic: Goryeo's Civil Service Examination and Educational Institutes

Team: 6

When I got the news that global camp will be held, I exactly wanted to participate! In school English class, We study with textbook and test paper. We also learn a little bit fast because we have to take examination. So, I really miss the class that I can use English without strain due to the test. I want to learn English more free! That’s why I signed up.

My dream is to become a teacher, especially Math or Science. I met our team members whose dream is to be a teacher. Also, this year is 2018 and Goryeo was established in 918 by Wang Gun. 1100 years of time passed. Our team thought “How about the examination system of Goryeo?”. Then we decided to add Goryeo’s educational estitutes after more thinking in detail. Our topic ‘Goryeo's Civil Service Examination and Educational Institutes’ was created!

I learned the history about Goryeo in school class and Goryeo is related to my hometown Ganghwa a lot. We already did a academic festival whose theme is the 1,100th year of the foundation of the Goryeo. So I had quite much knowledge about our topic. This made me more comfortable when I research materials or understand the materials. But there are also lots of things that I didn’t learn. For example, I just knew that Royal Academy (Gukjagam) is a public educational institute similar to the current national university. I didn't know who taught the students and what students had to learn. I felt amazed a lot! Likewise I could learn things more deeply and concretely.

I researched materials and write a part of report first day of the camp. I felt little confused what to do at the beginning but I realized what to prepare more and more as time passed. From then on, I translated the Korean writings into English and draw pictures for presentation. It was hard to translate some historical words but the dictionary that teacher Lyndsey said was really useful. I felt so thankful to her. Our team decided to give a presentation by using ppt and play. We prepared a short play that describes Goryeo's civil service examination. My role in the play was a minister who insist to conduct a new examination system. Preparing the play was very fun! I use English with ease at the camp! I not only got improved in my English skill but also I had an interesting time with others. I think I gained many meaningful things by joining this global camp. It will be a memorable experience! In closing, thank you for being our teacher, Manik.