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Our Topic

2018년 강화교육청의 교육목표에 대한 분석과 비판, 그리고 2019년의 새로운 교육 목표와 정책 프로그램 제안

Team 9

No. Team Topic Teacher Role Name (Korean) No. of Students
9 Education on Ganghwa
Shaden Leader 김영○ 10
Vice-Leader 김현○

The Keyword of education policy in Ganghwa

In 2018, the Ganghwa Education Office presented ecology, happiness and history education as the keywords for education.

Agreement on education donations

The education director of the Ganghwa Education Support Agency pushed ahead with the agreement signing ceremony of educational donations with key public and private institutions that has the necessary human and physical infrastructure for ecological, environmental, peace and history education.

As a catalyst, the Ganghwa Education Support Agency promised to develop and integrate education materials related to Ganghwa's wide range of ecology, environment, peace, and history to create an educational venue where students can fulfill their dreams and talents. [1]

Current education progress

Bright future reinforcement education

Actually, The Bright Future Ganghwa Education Festival, which was held at Ganghwa dolmen Gymnasium, was operated through booths related to ecological environment, history, and peace education. Through this festival, the capacity of Ganghwa's ecological environment, peace and history education is developed one step further. The village education community will be revitalized by closely linking the various sites with each other. [2]

So, now we are going to analyze the program that was enforced in 2018 and to suggest new education keywords. Also, we will make new program to complement disadvantages.

The keywords that Ganghwa education office suggests

  1. Ecological education
  2. Happiness education
  3. Historical education

First Keyword : Biological Education

The first keywords is ecological education.

Explanation about Program related 'biological education

  • Basic Infromation about program.
Forest of meditation in four schools

Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, has created a forest of meditation in four schools to provide an ecological learning center for students. It announced that it signed an agreement with Ganghwa Girls' High School, Gangnam Video Media High School, Myeong-shin Elementary School and Jo-san Elementary School. It also planned to spend 240 million won on the project to create nature-friendly meditation forests in four schools. In the case of Josan Elementary School, there will be a natural ecological botanical garden and a small zoo with an area of 800m2, while Myeong-shin Elementary School will have an ecological forest experience center. Ganghwa Girls' High School will also have forest trails, benches and ponds for residents and students, and Gangnam Media High School will have a 1,500m2 area with a variety of convenient facilities including trees. It plans to plant 150 school trees and 8,000 shrubs in those four meditation forests, and also plant trees and herbs create an atmosphere where students can experience nature. Last year, a meditation forest was created at Deok-shin High School with a budget of 60 million won. The country governor said “We expect the forest to become a place where teenagers can rest and communicate with each other”[3]

Second Keyword : Happiness Education

Next keyword is the ‘happiness education’ Our school (Ganghwa girl’s high school) proceed happiness education, too.

Explanation about Program related 'Happiness Education'

  • Basic Infromation about program.
Fashion Swap Party
Donate to Beautiful Shops

Happiness is the necessary component in education. In Ganghwa girl’s high school, We held a fashion swap party to effectively bring happiness to education. The activity led them to think about the meaning of sharing and happiness as they read the book, 'Literature Out of Clothes,' and auctioned their clothes. We interviewed the teacher who hosted the program. We will explain the reason why this program proceed now. In the library, you can operate reading classes by various methods of discussion and activity. In this book, we see fast fashion, the environment, and ethical issues that are easily encountered around us.

Therefore, she wanted to take time to enter life naturally with a book. Also, The importance of humanities has recently emerged, but students have difficulty accessing humanities because humanities tend to be approached only by difficult subjects such as philosophy and psychology. Therefore, it wanted to combine various fields with humanities. Girls are interested in fashion, and this book is easy for students to read, and the level is reasonable, so the book,'Humanities out of the closet' is chosen.

Through this program, She hope that students will explained their minds and donate their clothes in everyday moments to practice sharing and naturally feel many values. In fact, o some student asks for the address of‘beautiful shops' and donate them regularly. According to her, there were not the bored student. Even though she didn't force to bring their clothes, about 80 percent of the students actively participated by bringing them, and it was good to have a program that all students could participate without bringing their clothes.

The reason this program was more meaningful is that teachers are involved together. In case of Woo Hee-yeon, she donated her clothes to the class, and in case of Jeong Dae-won, he gave a positive response as he took the final exam with a fingerprint. Park Ha-na also helped me with my clothes. When the first grade students were active, all the homeroom teachers participated and talked positively.It was a beneficial program for both students and teachers. [4]

Third keyword : Historical Education

Finally, the keyword that education office presented is the historical education. Ganghwa has been evaluated as having a lot of historical resources from prehistoric times to the opening of the port. Especially, Ganghwa was the capital of Goryeo for 39 years during the invasion of Mongolia, and many remains from that time remained untill now. This geographical advantage makes place the best place for history education.

Explanation about Program related 'Historical Education'

  • Basic Information
academic activities

To mark the 1,100th anniversary of the foundation of the Goryeo Dynasty, Ganghwa Girls' High School, which is located in Ganghwa, a historical city, has organized and conducted numerous programs related to the history and culture of the Goryeo Dynasty. The first program is to step on the Korean historical land of Goryeo under the theme of “Walking through the site, Gangdo, where the giant capital city and royal tomb exist” Second, programs deepens understanding of the period of Ganghwa as capital through 'Golden Bell Event', which is a challenge to know the Goryeo culture.‘ The third program presents and displays the results of various research activities by several clubs under the theme of 'Culture of Goryeo' and 'The Past and Present of Ganghwa' at the academic festival on July 19. The fourth program is 'An Academic Conference and History Talk with Professionals and Students, This is a program which experts and student panels exchange conversations and explore the history of Goryeo in depth. As you can see from this point of view, Ganghwa Girls' High School has sought to operate specialized education courses utilizing the educational resources of the local community.[5] [6]

club activity at academic activities

Anaylzation about the above programs

  • Advantage
  1. As students talked to each other and exchanged opinions with other friends, they were able to expand their thinking in the process of learning more and knowing what they did not know.
  2. It was time to get to know more about the field, which I did not know well or where I was interested.
  • Disadvantage
  1. In general, there were a lot of programs that did not accept the demands of the students, so there were fewer students actually participating or using them.
  2. Because there are many activities in which the topic is set as one, there is little motivation and participation of friends who do not match their interests or career.
  • Complementary point
  1. Ensure that all students are able to participate together and that when planning a program, they will be able to listen to what students are asking for.
  2. Do not set the topic small, but just give a big topic and plan what activities students will do in it and while helping them to do activities that suit their own interests and interests.

New Keyword of education in Ganghwa

GGHS Change.jpg

  • Education for cooperation without competition
  • Extending horizontal communication
  • On-site nature-friendly education

Suggestion New program related new Keyword

One of the performance evaluations will be decided through discussion with students and teachers, and replaced with absolute evaluations, which can be enjoyed without competition. The performance evaluation is coordinated in the line of activities that are helpful to students through communication with the education office. After thinking about it, we were able to come up with a camp program.

Program 1 Enjoy Performance Evaluation

A mudflat available to visit

We analyzed the 2018 education policy and we have set a new 2019 education policy to ensure that students are not excluded based on the complementing points of the education policy. One of the performance evaluations will be decided through discussion with students and teachers, and replaced with absolute evaluations, which can be enjoyed without competition. The performance evaluation is coordinated in the line of activities that are helpful to students through communication with the education office. Program 1 Enjoy Performance Evaluation Must be a program related to what you learned in class First, there is a mudflat experience accompanied by a teacher They properly group teachers and students, look at the lists they gave them, and collect the data they need from the mudflats. Through the program, you will feel that horizontal communication between students and teachers will be possible, and working together to reduce the number of alienated friends. In addition, you can develop your ability to digest what you have learned through direct experience. [7]

Program 2 Envelope game

real activity

Following Program 1, we created Program 2 reflecting our education policies for 2019. Program 2 is a program where there are no students who are excluded and you can learn to cooperate. Everyone who participates in the program at the beginning of the program is given envelopes. At this point, if the topic is food, put different ingredients in each envelope, which can only be used by the person who has it. Therefore, you must meet someone who has different ingredients to complete the dish. Because teams are randomly chosen, they can alleviate their sense of alienation and foster collaboration because everyone has to participate. In addition, if the program's host chooses to be a teacher, you may have horizontal communication with the teacher. In addition, it is an outdoor program, not a classroom program, so it has the advantage of being able to mix with nature. It's a program that won't do without one of the participants, so we can keep everyone from feeling left out. It could be a place of communication that allows students to talk with teacher in a horizontal relationship.


The 2018 education policy had complementing points, and we have a new 2019 education policy to complement it. In order to solve problems such as alienation of students and disconnection of communication with students, we chose cooperation, natural affinity, and communication as the keyword of our 2019 education policy. We also planned programs to implement our education policy. Our program is grafted with performance assessment.

The performance appraisal of overheated competition has changed from relative assessment to absolute evaluation. In addition, the performance assessment has been changed to the way students plan themselves planTo make this happen, we thought the camp was appropriate and started planning for camp activities. In the morning time of camp, we organize a team with our teachers and experience mudflats. And then after lunch, A game which named 'Gather the envelopes' is progressed. It is a game to complete a dish with the ingredients in an envelope. Total the results at the end of all the activities. Because performance assessment is absolute assessment, competition is not overheated.

With our 2019 education program, we can reduce the number of students who are excluded and build uncompetitive partnerships.Also, both programs work with students and teachers to make a horizontal relationship. The programs also provide a time for communication between teachers and students.The programs also have an effect on increasing natural affinity.

We've analyzed our own education policy and set up a new education policy. This process allowed us to think about current education and future education. And it's also an opportunity to think about the direction that our education should take. Instead of studying according to the educational framework set by someone, I hope we will be expanded to become self-directed


This is a map of the educational institutions in Ganghwa.

Network Graph(s)


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