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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 3

First of all, the reason why I participated in this global camp was because I didn't know there was this camp last summer. When my friends talked about this global camp, everyone said it was hard, but I thought I wanted to try it too. And I wanted to try hard, so I applied. If I didn't, I couldn't experience it. I had the courage to try. So, I try this camp. The topic I chose is religion. The reason why I chose the theme of religion was that I didn't want to choose this topic from the beginning. When I chose a different topic and was full of people, my friend asked me to choose a religion and then learn about the architecture of religion. So honestly, I moved with my friends because it was a area that I was more interested in. Also, I was interested in religion, so I wanted to learn more about religion, and when I traveled to Italy, I thought of seeing a great cathedral, so I chose it because I wanted to investigate Anglican church. What I knew about religion before the camp began was that Ganghwa had a lot of Buddhist remains. And I knew that Jeondeungsa Temple was a famous temple. And I already knew that the temple was managing a temple stay. Also, I knew that Chilseonnyeo was dancing in Chamsungdan, and that the church was built in 1900 (Gwangmu 4) by Corfe, the first bishop of the Korean Sungkonghoe, When I was on a tour of Anglican Cathedral, my teacher explained that the interior of the church was following the basilica style, and The word "Basilica" was so impressive that I still remember it. I learned about the subject of my choice from this camp for the first time when I investigated the fact that Jeondeungsa was divided into Daewungjeon, Yakgwajeon, and the subspecies. And the name of the religion that believes in the Dangun grandfather is Daejonggyo, The belief that Tripitaka Koreana was able to defeat the enemy with the power of Buddha during the Mongol invasion, For the first time, we learned that Anglican Church of Korea is the oldest existing Hanok Cathedral, and Nacheol who was Japanese occupation period of independence activist created Daejonggyo was the first known fact. I was born in Ganghwa and have lived there for about 17 years now, but I did not know much and did not care about the land I live in. It was a time for me to feel ashamed and to realize myself. My role in the team 3 was an ambience maker, a data survey, script guide, and a happy virus. In an awkward atmosphere, I made the team laugh with the wrong words and investigated information about Buddhism and Jeondeungsa. Also, if they were stuck in the script, they would come up with an idea and help them write the script. And because my friend and I don't understand English well, when I was misinterpreted or didn't understand my teacher, I pretended to understand, but I got caught and made my team laugh. And I tried to talk to teacher Litika who was our teacher. Especially, teacher Litika was very grateful for her kind words in Korean when we did not understand her words. Also, if there are any mistakes in pronunciation during practice, she taught me the details, When we ask about pronunciation, they told us the details. And my teacher asked me to write down a correct pronunciation in Korean so I could pronounce it without hesitating. And finally, as I did this camp, what's more advanced is being formed courage. I thought I could try something and do it like this way. And without this camp, I wouldn't have had any relationship with Litika teacher, our team members and other foreign teachers, I wouldn't have had a chance to speak in front of a lot of people, What was the history of religion in Ganghwa, History of Anglican Church and History of Buddhism, information on Jeondeungsa, and I wouldn't have been able to translate it myself, write the script, and had these valuable experiences. It was a camp that I had experienced for the first time, It was a wonderful camp that gave me courage. Honestly, It was so tired and hard for me but, Thank you for such a great deal of meaning instead of suffering. If I have another chance to participate again, I really want to participate again. Thank you!!