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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 9

Do you know the three education keywords announced by the Ganghwa Education Office in 2018? The first is environmentally friendly education, the second is happiness education, and the third is history education. In Ganghwa, various education programs were implemented in accordance with this keyword. For the purpose of environment-friendly education, meditation forest was formed to provide a resting place for students, and for the purpose of happiness education, education programs such as fashion swap party was developed and carried out creatively. The school tried to teach students the right way while conducting academic programs that is connected Ganghwa and Goryeo. However, there is no curriculum that can satisfy all students. Therefore, I would like to find a supplement and present three new educational keywords.

Ganghwa Girls' High School and Deokshin High School have created meditation forests for environment-friendly education, but students don't use them very often. The break time for students is 10 minutes, and lunch time is only 1 hour, so there is not enough time available and there are very few elements to experience or engage in using nature. Time is a difficult part to change because it is a limiting factor. Therefore, additional facilities that utilize nature should be installed upon the suggestion of students. Since the good natural environment in rural areas is a great advantage, the education of Ganghwa will change to a better quality.

For the purpose of happiness education, a fashion swap party was held at Ganghwa Girls' High School. The program was so good that 90 percent of the students were satisfied. But, there were some disadvantages. It was what some students were alienated To solve this problem, groups should be organized randomly, or students should be allowed to participate together.

For history education, schools in Ganghwa held an event to celebrate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of the Goryeo Kingdom, where students prepared and performed a presentation. Since Ganghwa was the capital of Goryeo, the theme of Goryeo is considered even more special in Ganghwa. However, the topic should have been unconditionally related to the Goryeo, so some students had a hard time choosing the topic. Therefore, next time it will be necessary to select topics that are relevant to many areas.

Based on these supplements, I have developed three new keywords for Ganghwa education. The first keyword is the extension of horizontal communication. The idea of facilities in meditation forest should be communicated well with students and teachers. The same is true of the problem of alienation. Therefore, I chose the keyword. I thought it would be necessary to communicate with students and teachers. The second is free education. I hope students can freely develop their identity by planning their own events and selecting their own themes. Third, environmental education. Ganghwa island has a better natural environment than other regions, but it lacks active education policies that is related environment. Therefore, I hope various education using nature will be expanded.