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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 3

I did not apply for a global camp in the summer. At that time, I didn't know the importance of a student record since I was admitted to a high school less than six months ago. It was annoying and so hot that I didn't feel like doing it. For the past year I haven't had any meaningful activity. So I felt nervous and had to fill out my student record. Friends who participated in a global camp in the summer said, "It was too hard," so I hesitated to participate in a global camp in the winter. However, there are not many opportunities to talk to native speakers. And I'm shy, so I'm afraid to make a presentation in front of many people. However, I thought that I could overcome my personality because the global camp is to be presented in English in front of many people. Also, I applied for winter vacation because I have a lot of time and I think it will be a meaningful activity.

Actually, this is not the topic that I wanted. After applying for the Global Camp, I got the topic. Unfortunately, most of them were liberal arts. There was only one topic that fit me so I went to the team and played rock, paper, scissors because there were many people. Unfortunately, I lost right away. So, I went to the topic of "Religion on Ganghwa " after thinking about where to go, and I never regret it. The teachers also said that they can blend well regardless of course. The team members were so good and the topic wasn't that difficult. Although it was not the subject that I wanted, I met my team members well and the result was good and it was so fun during the whole global camp. So, I think I'm glad I came to this topic.

In fact, only Buddhism knew about the religion of Ganghwa. There were too many famous temples in Ganghwa. Also, what I learned in history class influenced me. Being born and raised in Ganghwa, we became familiar with famous temples such as Jeondeungsa and Seonwonsa Temple. Actually, I only heard a lot of names and didn't know the details. I've heard of Ganghwa Anglican Church, but I didn't know it was Catholic.

I have no religion. So there was no knowledge of all religions. There are many new knowledge that I learned while researching Buddhism and the Anglican Church. First of all, it was a little shocking that Ganghwa Anglican Church is not Catholic but another religion called Anglican Church. It is also said that GangHwa was the first place to be baptized when the Anglican Church entered Korea. Another religion was the Daejonggyo. The Daejonggyo had a memory heard in history class, but did not know what had to do with the Chamseongdan of Ganghwa. Religions were hiding in all parts of Ganghwa. In times of foreign invasions, we learned how powerful the religion was by our ancestors who overcame hardships by relying on religion. I don't have much time to come across other religions because I have no religion. It was a meaningful time for the global camp building up knowledge by exploring new topics.

Our group had two second graders and five first graders. Our group was misdirecting the topic at first. So our first-year students gave better ideas, organized them, and told the second-grade students. If we sat still, the results would not have been better than they are now, and we wouldn't have known exactly what we were doing. We set the matter straight and began to examine it again. I finished my investigation and started writing the script for the presentation. While writing the script, Eun Jin also joined. We wrote the script and told the story we decided on at the meeting, and they all said yes. I divided the roles and wrote the rest with Eun Jin. I am not a confident and active person. So it's embarrassing to talk in front of a lot of people and not be good at it. Nevertheless, I played a student who did not finish college. I was worried that I couldn't do well on stage during practice. Luckily, I was able to do it with confidence because I met my team well. If I had met other members of the team, I wouldn't have been confident on stage. The award was due to the hard work of our team members.

The summer global camp conducted a team project and a personal essay at the same time. But this time, I had separate time for my team project and personal essay. So I was able to concentrate more on the team project. It would be more efficient for the upcoming global camp to proceed this way. Although We were able to concentrate on the team's project, we couldn't get the perfect result because they ran out of time compared to the summer global camp. Some data will be missing because we are pressed for time and quick to do. I hope that the next global camp will be given more time. I participated in the global camp for the first time, but I had so much fun with my native English teacher and activities. I have a mind to participate again next summer vacation.

Everything I felt during this global camp

I felt a lot when I took part in this global camp. I was lazy and not active in anything. The Global Camp has applied to gain my experience, but it seems to have gained more. I also felt that the atmosphere of the team was important for two nights and three days. Our team was in a good mood. The native teacher spoke slowly so that we could understand. I enjoyed my activities, so I think the results are good. It would have been hard if one of our members didn't work hard. It wasn't that hard because everyone worked hard. I am a more shy person than I look. So I don't like to get noticed in front of many people. However, I had to put up with it because it was a team activity. I couldn't do it without the encouragement of the team and the atmosphere in which everyone was willing to participate. During this global camp, I met good people and formed a good relationship. Also, I am not good at English, but I think I gained confidence by talking to my native teacher. I solved only grammar and problems at school, but it was so fun to talk to my native teacher. In many ways, I have gained a lot from participating in this global camp. I feel like I've grown up a notch further through this opportunity.