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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 9

First of all, I realized the importance of strengthening once again through this camp. Our school is designated as a happy school. First, not only did we not know well about our school, but also about the education method and purpose of Ganghwa County, we learned that it is an education that values ecology. And i could see that the meditation forest in front of the school was one of the ways to get along with the ecology. As the job i want to be a teacher, i think it is important for students to take the lead and lead classes. I talked about education with my teammates and selected activities to ensure that few students are left out. If you do not want to be left out, it is best for students to assign groups at random rather than by making their own groups. And also came up with the idea of teachers and students at the mudflats combined with the ecological education that the city also emphasizes. This activity is to collect necessary materials by properly teaming up teachers and students and looking at the list given by the school. It can also lead to a performance evaluation, in which the number of materials that can be found in collaboration is determined and the number of material found is awarded. This winter's Global Forum camp ran out of time compared to the last one, and I worked on making documents for the presentation. he summer camp was a little hard to understand by researching and presenting education about Goryeo, but this time, it was a little easier to understand because it was about Ganghwa's education, regardless of the time. searched for and researched ecological education, history education, and happiness education at Ganghwa Middle School, Ganghwa High School, including our school, and did a lot more activity than I thought. I didn't know much about the education I was promoting in Ganghwa, and I didn't know whether the activities I was doing in school were related to the education it was aiming for. If we look closely at the performance assessment or activities that we are currently doing in school, most of them were designed and carried out by teachers, rather than students. Taking this as a problem, however, we decided to push ahead with the introduction of performance assessments, which are driven and planned centrally by students. In fact, it seems easy, but it is more difficult than I thought, students should maintain horizontal relationships with their teachers, and it should be education that cooperates, not competition. I also felt that a field-oriented, environmentally-friendly education system was appropriate. By doing so, students can be satisfied with school and be happy. And while doing research, I was glad to have the opportunity to correct grammatically wrongs and to talk with a foreign teacher. Of course, there were many problems until the presentation and mistakes were discovered when they went up to present. And I was very nervous when I gave the presentation, so I read the script several times and made the presentation. I think that was the most disappointing point in this camp. This is my second camp, and I felt I still lacked it. I'm nervous than I'm giving a presentation at school, but I feel my pronunciation is much. My group didn't win, but we'll do our best to win the award at the next camp.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Team: 6

Student Number: 1620

This year is the 1,100 year of Goryeo Dynasty. And because Ganghwa is the capital of Goryeo, there are various relics of Goryeo. I thought that it was an experience that I did not know about Goryeo because it allowed me to do many activities related to Goryeo in school. The biggest reason why I felt that I had to participate was because I heard that the camp was conducted in English first and that it was related to Goryeo which I had been exposed to a lot in school. Next, I wanted to have various experiences in English and explain the history of Goryeo that the native teacher who came to help us does not know about Goryeo. Though I am not good at English or fluent in pronunciation, I thought I was confident that I could explain it to the best of my ability. Moreover, these days, unless I go abroad, I thought this could be a great opportunity because it is rare to see a foreigner in Ganghwa.

Our group consisted of groups interested in education. When our group first got together to decide on the topic, we selected the topic based on the Gukjagam, the largest educational institution in Korea. The reason is that my dream is to be a science teacher of middle and high school, and The school we are currently receiving education was known as Gukjagam and Hyanggyo during the Goryeo Period, so we thought educational institutions were important. Considering the international community, which is an educational institution, we thought it is best to investigate and publish education system, and civil service examination, so we decided on the civil service examination, education system and education institution.

Actually, although I lived in Ganghwa Island was the capital city of Goryeo for 39 years, I did not know it properly. Among them, I knew about the civil service examination of Goryeo, the largest educational institution, the Gukjagam, and Hyanggyo which was a local educational institution. I was knew of the basic information but i can not feel proud. Through this camp, I wanted to be proud of what I did know, and if someone asked about Goryeo, I would like to answer proudly.

The representative thing I learned from this expedition is the basic background of the system and the originality and characteristic of the Gukjagam. Although i knew the civil service examination but i did not know how such a system was implemented. Shuang Ji, a Chinese man from Later Zhou dynasty of China, proposed to King Gwangjong the past system implemented in China to recruit new talent according to Confucian scholarship and ability. And the originality and characteristic of Gukjagam, Gukjagam is a central role in education and the institutions have been strengthened. I felt that the information I knew was really nothing, which I thought was just an educational institution.

What I did before I do the presentation is setting the frame for the basic information and content of the title we selected and took part and translated it into English. Finally, I was involved in preparing the materials for the presentation.

When I came to the Global Issues Forum Camp, I think I have learned a lot of information about Goryeo. Of course, I know it from the perspective of education, but I think I have strengthened the basic knowledge a little bit. And I think if friends ask about Goryeo, I can explain information more confidently than anyone else. It was good to speak English here in camp that I do not usually use and I feel I have to study history and English harder. If I can join this camp again next year, I will definitely participate in it.