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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 9

I could learn and feel a lot by participating in this global camp. I could see why seniors recommend joining the global camp. I participated in the global camp because there were many things I could learn. I have heard that making foreign friends or communicating directly with native speakers helps me improve my English skills. However, I did not have many chances to communicate with native speakers in person, and I participated in the global camp to communicate with them. Among the various topics related to Ganghwa, the topic of our team was Ganghwa education. Because my career hope is a math teacher, I wanted to think more about education, so I chose the topic of Ganghwa education. Also,  i can listen to thinking of students who have career hopes in the field of education so i chose education of Ganghwa. It also seemed interesting to research and analyze data with one theme of education and to make presentation to others. After entering high school, I participated in a teacher club and had an opportunity to think about education. The club did various activities after exploring education. For example, I wrote an autobiography thinking about what life would be like as a teacher if I became a teacher in the future. In addition, our school held an event to celebrate the 1,100th anniversary of Goryeo in 2018 and our club surveyed the hyanggyo of Ganghwa. Through the global camp, I learned about collaboration, analytical skills, data search, data production, and what is needed for human relations. I realized that I could choose a better topic and make a better presentation when we think together. Many say now is the fourth industrial revolution. I think information is what we need in the fourth industrial revolution. So it is very important to find the information i need out of many information on the Internet. I thought I lacked ability to find information, but I realized how to find it through the global camp. Our team conducted an analysis after finding information about the educational policies in 2018. I also thought about what programs the Ganghwa Education Office and Ganghwa School had in place to implement this education policy, and the pros and cons of the program. After analyzing the shortcomings of the program, we thought about complementary points. Through this process, I found it a good way to analyze data after  classifying. And because it is a global camp, I learned many English expressions. The native English teacher told us about the corrections and she taught us the expressions used in foreign countries. Above all, I learned and felt the passion for dream through this global camp. Because it is a team based on career hope, I could feel passion for my career. I thought it was not just a one-off project, but a stepping stone for the future. It was nice to have time for a career through a global camp because there is no time to think deeply about one's interests at school. Also, i have become more interested in education through the process of analyzing education policies and developing new education policies. Through the global camp, I thought I was still lacking, so I thought that I should be more interested in education and improve my ability from now on. The Global Camp was not only a time to study English but also to learn and improve the skills we needed when we entered society. I really want to participate in the next global camp and i want to recommend the camp to other friends who have not done it before.