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week 1

hi~ my name is ye eun. so I introduce myself and I talk about review in digital humanities in first class. okay let's get start! umm my dream is information security engineer. Actually, I do no want to be engineer, but recently I want to go to university so I decide this dream for a moment. I really sad about korean education method. and then digital humanities review is look comfortable than I think about it. because I imagined so difficult class and then really nervous. however I think it isn't. i'm happy. And I want to close lyndsey teacher~!

week 2

writing so late.. sorry.. Anyway, I feel great sometimes or bad sometimes. Because I happy about my friends but I sad about bad score. Can I go university in next year? I really×10 want to go collage. So I try to study hard. But I don't do anything. Hmm.. I want to feel serious of my score. And then, I want to study hard for future my collage. Cheer up!! You can to enter good collage. I believe. So I will.

Break Time


  • Music
  1. Billie eilish-ocean eyes [1]
  2. 피아노맨-사랑한단 말로는 [2]
  3. Lauv-breathe [3]
  4. 서교동의 밤-그대와 나 [4]
  5. 공기남-gloomy star [5]
  6. 백예린-bye bye my blue [6]

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  • 이예○은 머머리다.
  • 이예○은 다람쥐가 들고 있는 도토리를 닮았다.
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2018 Summer Camp

2018 GGHS Team 1

The reason why I joined the global camp is because I wanted to improve my English and spend my vacation in good condition. Actually, I thought if I should participate in a global camp or not because it is a short vacation, but I got to participate this time because I didn't join it when I was in the first grade. During this camp, I will be able to learn a little bit about the technology of Goryeo and get a sense of achievement when I finish and present my assignments in three days. And the reason why our group chose Goryeo's science and technology as the topic was because we wanted to find the physical principles contained in it by getting to know its science and technology. Also, what he knew about cannon among Goryeo's scientific technologies was that it was made by the principal of action and reaction. However even so I did not know much about the cannon but when I investigated it, I realized that it was a rocket weapon. Also my role is to investigate a missile which is the current weapon involved in cannon and make ppt. Through this camp, I think I can gain patience with effort to study English with my poor English skills and our group can develop cooperative attitude by working together and completing one task.


  1. ocean eyes
  2. 사랑한단 말로는
  3. breathe
  4. 그대와 나
  5. gloomy star
  6. bye bye my blue
  7. 이세진