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First week

강화여고 디지털 인문학 프로그램 2019

I came to know what digital humanities is and what activities we will do in the next class. I expected that we can use many different digital technologies in this project. But I was worried that I couldn't keep up with the difficult program in class. I was also worried because this program might not be related to do data. But the teacher showed us many studies using database. And she tells me she can help us use data in this project. So I was no longer worried. I came to want to work harder on this project since this class.

Second week

I learned how to manage the MediaWiki page for the first time in this weekly class. It was really fun because I could make my own page. It was also exciting that I could put my activities on my page in the future. I want to proceed with our project quickly and fill the page with meaningful data. Thank you so much teacher for teaching us passionately and letting us know a lot. I am even more grateful for the meticulous work of English journals. I was sure that I could learn a lot from this class in the future.

좋아하는 음식

식후 음료 한 잔

  • 공차
    • 딸기쥬얼리티
    • 초코스무디에 펄 추가
    • 망고요구르트에 화이트펄
  • 카페
    • 무조건 무조건 무조건 바닐라라떼

친구들의 주접들

알려지지 않은 신토리의 실체

  • 원래 키는190이였으니 키 축소 수술을 통해 현재의 키를 얻었다고한다
  • 그녀의 나이5살, 의도치 않은 팩폭으로 건장한 성인남자5명을 넉다운시킨 전적이 있다.
  • 전생은 우리나라에게 알려지지 않은 무인도 부족장의 딸이였다
  • 가장 좋아하는 음식은 두리안으로 그녀의 원픽 과일이다
  • 가장 좋아하는 음식은 홍어로 흑산도 홍어를 제일 좋아한다

지금까지 이런 신토리는 없었다

  • 이것은 신토리인가 소세지인가
  • 두시 반에 일어나~ 죄썽함미다!!~~!!