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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 3

I participated in the global camp last summer and I had so much fun with my native teacher and team members. So I have been promised that I will participate in the next camp as well since the end of the camp. Also, I felt regret that I could not talk with my native teacher in English during the last camp, so I wanted to participate more in the conversation with teacher in English. The biggest theme of this winter's global camp was 'Ganghwa’'. I chose the topic of 'The Religion of Ganghwa'. Most students chose topics related to their dreams. And I also chose a subject related to my dream during the global camp last summer,too. So this time, I wanted to choose a topic that I really find interesting rather than a topic related to my dreams. Ganghwa is famous for the Anglican Church, but I didn't really know about it. As I am a Catholic, I wanted to find out about a famous church (although it is a little different from the Anglican church). Also, there are many temples as well as Anglican churches, but I have never been to go there. Of course, I really won’t visit famous temples through this camp, but I was assured I learned about them after learning many pictures and the history associated with temples and Anglican Church in this camp. So I chose this topic of 'The Religion of Ganghwa’ because I thought I would feel as if I'd been to the temple. On Wednesday when the camp began, a teacher from the Korean Central Research Institute introduced us to a group of 10 native teacher. Through the introduction, I met my teacher in charge of group for the first time. After greeting my teacher, I thought this camp would be very fun, so I was highly anticipated for the camp. Then, I sat around the classroom with my teacher and team and had time to introduce myself. The atmosphere was a little awkward because we were not good at English and we were not close yet.^^; In earnest, the global camp began and all of our team members began to search for data. Among them, I started to investigate the temple, which is one of the representative temples of Ganghwa. The investigation focused on the history of Jeondeungsa, which were fantastic. Through this, I learned that Jeondeungsa Temple, which was located near their temporary settlement house, changed its name to Jeondeungsa Temple because of the Choi administration during the Mongolian Interfere period during Goryeo Dynasty . Then we wanted to investigate the details of the religion in a team meeting. So I joined with one of my team members and began to investigate the extended concept of 'Best Buddhism in Ganghwa' at the temple. I investigated the Tripitaka Koreana including the keywords of 'Strengthening' and 'Buddhist'. The study focused on why the Tripitaka Koreana was built and how the people felt when it was made. By building the Tripitaka Koreana during the Mongolian Interfere period, the people were able to unite to defeat the enemy by the power of Buddha. Now that I know this, I have applied it to the present. ‘Goryeo Dynasty were united with Buddha's power and religious beliefs, what could the Republic of Korea be united with?’ Since there are many people who believe in various religions right now,so I think it cannot be a religious faith. If I think about it further, I think I can come up with an answer, but I haven't found an answer to my question yet. Through this camp, I came up with this question and realized that it was a very valuable camp. Based on two days of research, I presented the play script on the last day. The story of the play was that three students tried to overcome this struggle with religious beliefs after hard work, but overcame it without depending on religion. Among them, I played a student who broke up with my boyfriend and tried to overcome this sorrow through Anglican Catholic Church. To perform the play, I wrote my own script and practiced with the members of the team. As a result of all our hard work, our group came in second out of 10 teams! I couldn't help but be so happy!! I was very proud that our efforts seemed to be rewarded. The most impressive thing in this camp is that I talked with my native English teacher a lot. When I attended the summer camp, I could talk a lot with my native teacher in English because I had plenty of time to get along with her. Since we had time to introduce each other after the camp started, I became close to the teacher by talking about my future dream and introducing myself. And especially, because I had dinner with my team members and teachers on second day in the camp, I was able to make jokes with my teacher. So, when I broke up with my teacher on the last day, I was so sad. Through the 2019 Global Camp, I have another memory that I will never forget as a high school student. When I talk to foreigners in the future, I can use my experience of talking with my teachers in this camp to be natural and easy to talk to. In order to achieve my dream, I will study English harder! In trying to answer the questions I have come up with in my research, I will be able to pay more attention to our society and eventually expand my knowledge space. I think it was a really valuable and rewarding camp for me.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

The main theme of this 2018 camp is ' Ganghwa and Goryeo ' and the key word for my team is ' Education ', and our work is based on the differences and similarities between Korea and the current education of Korea. The reason why I choose this topic was my dream to be a teacher. I thought I can learn more about Goryeo by finding the education system of the Goryeo Dynasty and learn more about the future direction of education by learning more about the current education policies.

Starting the camp, I learned about the use of wiki. It is necessary because this camp’s form proposed to submit our report using ‘wiki’. After that, we had time with Kate who is going to lead our team. I ended up introducing my friend, I started her introduction to the team and teacher Kate with my friend’s birthday and continued with her favorite color and her dream.

After the self-introduction among the team members, the team began to devide roles and write a report according to the topic. My role in the team was to receive information about the Goryeo and modern educational system from other team members and to write the report analyzing information. After I begin writing the report, first I was in charge of writing the introduction. I investigated the basic educational policies to write an introduction and I knew that Confucianism was the main education of Goryeo. Then when I received the education office of Goryeo as our team members, I realized that there is an institution called Munhungongdo, which is easily referred to as an admissions academy. Also, the content that I compared directly was the Kukjagam , but the Kukjagam was much easier to compare with the modern education because I had some knowledge about Kukjagam by learning it at school. I come up with Meister High School through the technology involved in Kukjagam‘s subject. Actually, comparing the facts before, I thought the differences would be much more than the similarities, but after 1,000 years, there is still a lot of things in common.

Finding these common points one by one was really interesting for me. So the more I compared it, the more interesting it was. In fact, in the first semester, I participated in this similar activity in my school club and the report’s theme was ’the social welfare system of Goryeo when the North and South Koreas were unified’. So it was a little bit easier to talk about them. However, thanks to not only my own experience, but also our team members, writing the report more easier. Before doing this activity, I expected that there would be some inconvenience and complexity in sharing information as team members, but I was able to write the report faster because all of the team members were responsible for their roles and shared information that each of our team members had found. I could feel gratitude for getting information I didn’t know. I was mostly in charge of the final inspection, so I was often responsible by checking the report. Finally It was rewarding to be able to participate in this activity.

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