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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 3

The Global Camp program was considered a valuable and meaningful opportunity to have conversations with native English speakers for three days. So I caught an opportunity that I missed last summer vacation. The free conversation with native speakers has come to be an attractive experience in itself, but the activity of researching the subject of each team that can be called the flower of the global camp and presenting it directly in English in front of many people, including many native English teachers, has excited me even before the beginning. Before the global camp, I had a good premonition from the time of selecting a topic, perhaps the most important moment. All of the friends who came to the same group were friends who wanted to be close or close, and the older sisters were good people, too. In fact, I don't have much knowledge this place Ganghwa, because I am one of the students who entered Ganghwa Girls High School in another region(Incheon). However, I have always been interested in Ganghwa, and I am confident that I can work on any topic with excitement. Before choosing a topic to create a more meaningful activity, I thought about what I knew about Ganghwa. The first thing that came to mind was the Ganghwa Anglican Church. In fact, I first met Ganghwa Anglican Church when I attended Ganghwa Girls' High School, and I knew that there was Ganghwa Anglican Cathedral. The fact that the Ganghwa Anglican Cathedral had a unique structure and that it was a strange religion to me gave me a chance to choose the theme of 'The Religion of Ganghwa'. After selecting the topic, our team had a brief discussion before the camp. In order to set the direction of the presentation, I learned that there are many religious buildings in Ganghwa, as well as Ganghwa Anglican Cathedral. It became a long-awaited camp day, and we had a casual greeting with our native teacher. Our native teacher was a beauty and a sense. Our team gathered to discuss the presentation. Several ideas were exchanged during the discussion of the direction of the presentation. Since I knew that the meeting would not proceed if we remained passive, so I actively expressed my opinions and tried to communicate with our teammates by sharing my opinions. At last, the opinions of our tamemates gathered and the results were satisfactory. The presentation was decided to be a play, and the story was simply-Three different people of religion invite their religion to three people who depressed because they have each situation.- I was looking forward to it because It goes well with the subject and could be a fun presentation. The most learned religion is the Daejongism. Because it was the most ignorant religion before the camp. Originally, I was only aware of the religion as 'the religion of Dangun'. However, I found out that the name Gaecheonje, which was familiar with the name, was also related to the religion. During the investigation, I realized that there were so many other religious structures in Ganghwa, including Chamsungdan, Jeondeungsa Temple, and Ganghwa Anglican Cathedral, so I wondered which ones to choose and which to incorporate in the presentation. Preparing for the presentation and communicating with the native teacher, I continued to express my opinion and tried to facilitate the conversation. I wanted to promote the atmosphere by continuously talking during recess while eating dinner as well as meeting time. In addition, when there was a block in the investigation, actively discussed with the team members and corrected our direction. I studied the parts in charge, deleted overlaps with other friends, translated them into English to put them on the Wiki page, and asked the native speaker to make a final cut, especially after reviewing grammar and context several times. I posted the material on the website and reviewed whether Romanization and upper- and lower-case letters were correct. I also wrote a script for the presentation with teammates. Especially, I worked hard to make the story smooth and pleasant. Likewise, I translated the text and asked my native English teacher to make a final cut after reviewing the grammar and context. I also tried to make the presentation smooth by considering gestures during the presentation. And since it is a global camp, I tried to use English to communicate with native English teachers. It was really good to know new English pronunciation and words that I had used wrongly because teacher corrected my speech right away. After a successful presentation with great teamwork and a warm atmosphere, we won second place. I was proud and pleased. Although the process of preparing for the presentation was a little tiring, there was nothing very difficult about the team's performance itself. It was difficult, but it was possible because they gave their opinions with patience and consideration. To express my first global camp in one sentence, frankly, 'Harder than I thought, but more fun than I thought.' Before attending the camp, the most expected part was communication with native English teachers, but unlike expectations, communication time with native English teachers was too limited. It is true that if there was more time for communication with native English teachers, it would have been more fun to do. However, I felt that there was definitely something to be gained through the camp, so I will definitely participate in the next camp if I have a chance.