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  • 툇마루: narrow wood veranda
  • 누마루: elevated wooden-floored porch


  • 5진 7보 54돈대
    • 진, 보 (Fort) - 중대 규모의 군 주둔지
    • 돈대 - 진과 보에 소속된 소대 개념 / 파견
  • 포좌: artillery emplacement


  • ~dondae Outpost
    • Huaedondae Outpost, Bunoridondae Outpost
    • 후애돈대, 삼암돈대, 분오리돈대, 장곶돈대, 계룡돈대, 건평돈대, 굴암돈대, 미루지돈대, 북일곶돈대, 선수돈대, 무태돈대
  • 평지보다 높직하게 두드러진 평평한 땅. (표준국어대사전)
  • 성안 높직한 평지에 높게 축조한 포대(砲臺)를 말한다. 그 안은 낮고 외부는 성곽으로 축조하여 포를 설치하였으며, 포를 쏘거나 사방을 관망할 수 있게 만든 작은 보루이다. (문화원형백과)
  • 수원 화성의 공심돈도 돈대의 일종. 공심돈은 Watchtower로 번역했음.


  • casemate: A vault or chamber in a bastion, having openings for the firing of weapons (Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture)


  • 성 위에 낮게 쌓은 담. 여기에 몸을 숨기고 적을 감시하거나 공격하거나 한다.



  • 현판 - wooden board --> wooden plaque; in or on?
  • When to include Romanization for buildings? 사랑채? etc.
  • 봉화 서설당 고택 - 5월? May? Lunar month?
  • quarters should be singular or double?
  • 봉화 송석헌 고택 - 2-story buildings were not allowed during Joseon. The pavilion was built in 1901, and it seems unique in that it is two stories. This should be discussed, as I think it is an important and unique feature. When were the rest of the buildings rebuilt? [1]
  • The 목적어 of station cannot be a place.
    • The soldiers were stationed at the palace. O
    • The palace was stationed by the soldiers. X
  • You cannot say a fort was "installed" - just say built or constructed.
  • Foreign intrusions is not incorrect, but intrude usually implies "without military force" while "invade" implies with military force.
  • Adverbs usually sound better after the verb, because you need to know what the verb is to appreciate the adverb. But there are exceptions for certain words.
    • He remarkably contributed to the.... X
    • He contributed remarkably to the... O
    • Remarkably, he contributed to the.... O
    • It was erected later by his descendants. O
    • It was later erected by his descendants. O
  • Need consistency between tomb, tomb mound, tomb site, and burial site.
  • Especially --> In particular
    • Korea, in particular, has many dolmens.
      • --> In particular + 문장, 동사
      • 유일함을 말한다, 다른 것과 비교했을 때 씀
    • Korea is especially hot this year.
      • --> especially + 형용사
      • 정도를 말한다
  • Korean Bronze Age is different from other countries. Better to say the years than the name of the age.
  • Cannot say "reerected"
  • Do not say "It is said that..."
  • Stone statues of/representing/symbolizing civil officials
  • Tomb, mound, tomb complex, cemetary
    • In front of the tomb mound
  • Civil official statues are first, if it is larger then military also
  • Saga, epic poem - length?