(Translation) 茶山與黃裳書簡(夜能不痛否)

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"Dasan's Letter to his Disciple Hwang Sang" is a letter among Dasan's Collected Letters to Hwang Sang. The collection consists of thirty-two letters Dasan Jeong Yagyong wrote to his student Hwang Sang. Jeong Yagyong wrote most of these letters between 1802 and 1808, when he was on exile in Gangjin and met frequently with Hwang Sang who resided in Gangjin. This letter is the third among the thirty-two letters. In the letter, Dasan inquires after Hwang Sang's health, asks him to bring him some flour glue, and tells him not to bring any more salted fish.

Because the letter is not dated, it is unclear when it was written. But since in the letter Jeong Yagyong asked Hwang Sang to come over if he could, the letter was likely written when Jeong Yagyong and Hwang Sang were both in Gangjin. Based on comparisons with the contents of other letters in the collection, it is presumable that this letter was written around April of 1804. In another letter dated April of 1804, Jeong Yagyong expressed his worries for Hwang Sang's malarial disease. In the beginning of the undated letter, Jeong Yagyong opens by asking whether or not Hwang Sang was sick last night. From this, it is possible to infer that Hwang Sang was still suffering from the malarial disease when the letter was written. Therefore, Jeong Yagyong possibly wrote this letter in April of 1804, when Hwang Sang's malarial disease had not completely healed.

In the letter, there is a line, "Never show this poem to others." This poem may refer to Jeong Yagyong's poem "A Male Lamenting his Self-imposed Castration" which Jeong Yagyong sent to Hwang Sang along with the letter worrying about Hwang's malaria.

Original Script

Classical Chinese English

夜能不痛否? 如不痛, 須着

油帽穿泥鞵[1], 飯後卽來

也。 或有麪糊[2], 少許持來也。

此詩, 切勿示人也。 醢鱐[3]之餽

太頻, 甚不安。 玆後勿然, 可也。

Wasn't that painful the other night? If you aren't sick, Put on hats and wellies and come to my house right now, after eating If you have flour paste, bring a little.

Don’t show this poetry to other people.

You bring too much salted seafood, it bothers me.

I wish you had better not do that.

  1. 泥鞵
  2. 麪糊
  3. 醢鱐