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  1. 1988 Seoul Olympics
  2. 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup
  3. A Spirit Similar to Goguryeo - Balhae
  4. Draft A Sea with Two Names: The East Sea or the Sea of Japan?
  5. Draft About Dokdo Island
  6. Draft An Jung-geun
  7. Draft Ancestral Rituals of the Royal Shrine: Jongmyo Jerye
  8. Draft Baek Nam-jun
  9. Draft Balhae: Shared History of Korea and China
  10. Draft Cannons and Gunpowder
  11. Draft Education in Korea Today
  12. Draft Hamel's Trip to Joseon
  13. Draft Hyecho's Trip to India
  14. Draft Kim Dae-jung
  15. Draft Kim Gu
  16. Draft Kim Hwan-gi
  17. Draft Korea's Immigration History: Those Who Left Their Motherland
  18. Draft Koreans' Resistance to Japanese Imperialism
  19. Draft Low Birth Rates, an Aging Society, and Economic Stagnation
  20. Draft Modern Education and Christianity
  21. Draft Mongols and Goryeo: Unique Features of the Mongols' Rule of Goryeo
  22. Draft Multicultural Society
  23. Draft Overcoming Colonial Rule and Remaining Tasks (Comfort Women)
  24. Draft Population Change and Urbanization
  25. Draft Printing Culture
  26. Draft Saving the Country: Korean Miners and Nurses Go to Germany
  27. Draft Seoul, the Heart of Asia - Past and Future
  28. Draft Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars: Foreign Powers Making the Korean Peninsula their Battleground
  29. Draft Smart Phones and the Internet
  30. Draft Son Gi-jeong
  31. Draft Tang and Silla: Imitation and Unique Characteristics
  32. Draft The 1988 Seoul Olympics
  33. Draft The 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup
  34. Draft The Assassination of Empress Myeongseong
  35. Draft The Battle of Myeongnyang and Yi Sun-sin
  36. Draft The Creation of the Tripitaka Koreana
  37. Draft The Division of Korea and the Korean War
  38. Draft The Finding Dispersed Families Campaign
  39. Draft The IMF Economic Crisis and Gold Collection Movement
  40. Draft The Independence Movement and Liberation
  41. Draft The June Democracy Movement and Korea's Democratization
  42. Draft The Korean Construction Industry Goes to the Middle East
  43. Draft The New Village Movement and Park Chung-Hee's Modernization of the Nation
  44. Draft The Opening of Joseon
  45. Draft The Publication of the Dongui Bogam
  46. Draft The Tribute System: Understanding East Asian Diplomacy
  47. Draft The Vietnam War and Dispatched Troops
  48. Draft Traditional Education
  49. Draft Traditional Martial Arts
  50. Draft Understanding the Social Classes of the Joseon Period

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