An Overview of Korean History

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The Overview of Korean History section features 15 entries which introduce the various periods, dynasties, and nations which have existed on the Korean peninsula.


  1. The Dawn of a People - The Prehistory of Korea
  2. Opening the Door to History - Gojoseon
  3. The Furnace of the Korean Peninsula - The Three Kingdoms Period
  4. The Spirit that Conquered the Mainland - Goguryeo
  5. The Prosperity of a Maritime Kingdom - Baekje
  6. The Overlooked Iron Confederation - Gaya
  7. The Kingdom upon which the East Sea's Sun Shone - Silla
  8. A Spirit Akin to Goguryeo - Balhae
  9. The Revival of Goguryeo - Goryeo
  10. The Country of the Eastern Noblemen - Joseon
  11. A New Imperial Nation is Proclaimed - The Korean Empire
  12. Shouts for Independence through Wails of Sorrow - The Japanese Occupation Period
  13. A New Dawn and the Night before a Storm - The Post-Liberation Period
  14. The Name of Honor and Prosperity - The Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  15. One People, Once Again - The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)


The articles in the Overview of Korean History section are based on a review of the following sources from a variety of reputable authors and publishers in Korea and abroad. Articles for each time period were composed after examination and comparison of the content, key terms, and media (including photographs, diagrams, and maps) included in these sources. Additional sources were also referenced when necessary and are included as references on the individual articles.