2017-1 Translation Seminar I - Literature Classics

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About the Course

  • Course Title: Translation Seminar I - Literature Classics 人文古典飜譯Seminar(研讨会)
  • Professor: Han Hyung-jo[mingoo@aks.ac.kr]
  • Classroom: Room 103
  • Description:

Much European economic history and Japanese historian has viewed the East and the Choseon as static or backward that seeing in its institutions which have prevented modernisation. This class challenges European rise and Japanese exceptionalism. this class take the classical humanism of the Korean civilization to retrieve examples of traditional commercial customs and illustrate indigenous developments.


No Lecture Texts
1 Introduction Translation: Sinjŭngdonggugyŏjisŭngnam Vol. 4 Kaesŏng City I]
2 고전번역학과 디지털인문학
3 Anthologies of Brilliant Flowers / The Short Songs of Kaesong [1]


4 The Connection Between the Author of Kŭmyang japnok(衿陽雜錄) , Kang Hŭimaeng, and Kŭmyang District [ ]
5 衿陽雜錄 Miscellaneous Records of Kŭmyang - Miscellaneous Notes concerning Kŭmyang [ ]
6 Part I. A Farming Household 農家
7 Crop Varieties Early-ripening Rice [ ]
8 晚稻 Late-ripening Rice [ ]
9 Beans 宿乙里黍잘으리기장 Chalūri kichang (Millet) Autumn Barley
10 Conversations with the Farmers 農談二
11 Chapter 3: Farmers’ Responses 農者對三
12 Chapter 4: Distinguishing the Various Winds 諸風辨四
13 Chapter 5. Proper Seed Grains 種穀宜五
14 Farming Songs 選農謳
15 The Final Class and Evaluation