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Orion helping harvest toraji in Wonju, 2014

About Me

Orion has been studying East Asian languages and history since he began his undergraduate degree in 2008 at the Australian National University (Canberra, Australia). Beginning his academic career with a focus on premodern Japanese literature, Orion quickly developed an interest in the role of classical Chinese as a lingua franca of East Asia. After completing his graduate diploma in Japan and his honours in Australia, writing on the interplay between philosophy and politics in an early commentary on the Zhuangzi 壯子, Orion turned his attention to the use of classical Chinese and the literary culture of the Joseon dynasty, the space literally bridging the gap between his previous focuses. He has submitted his thesis in completion of a Masters of Philosophy in Joseon history and literature at the ANU, made possible by the generous support of the Academy of Korean Studies.

Orion's MPhil project was "The Record of the Citadel of Sorrows: A case study in 16th century Joseon dynasty literature in classical Chinese" (2016), in which he provided the first attempt at a translation of "The Record of the Citadel of Sorrows" Suseongji 愁城誌, by White Lake Im Je 白湖林悌 (1549-1587), from classical Chinese into English. Taking thorough contextualisation as key to understanding the work, Orion surveyed the historical backdrop of the author and his prose narrative, highlighting points of connection with contemporary intellectual developments. The text is a striking example of the deeply intertextual nature of many classical Chinese compositions, which Orion attempted to draw out with extensive annotation. He used the project more broadly as a lens to investigate the role of composition and the tensions between rhetoric and reality in the literary culture of late 16th century Joseon.

Orion is currently interested in regionalism, especially in Honam, and general literary practices in the mid-Joseon.

Outside of classical Chinese, he enjoys hiking, cooking (and eating), and gardening.

Academic background

Timespan Program Institution
2013.8 - 2016.2 Masters of Philosophy (Joseon dynasty history and literature) Australian National University (ANU)
2014.9 - 2015.1 Korean language training Hanyang University
2012.2 - 2012.11 Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (Honours) ANU
2011.3 - 2012.1 Graduate Diploma in Asia-Pacific Studies (ANU) Gakushuin University
2008.2 - 2010.11 Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies ANU