(Translation) 鄭人買履

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Original Script

鄭人有且置履者,先自度其足而置之其坐,至之市而忘操之。已得履,乃曰:“吾忘持度,反歸取之。”及反,市罷,遂不得履。人曰:“何不試之以足?”曰:“寧信度,無自信也。” 《韓非子外儲說左上》


Student translation : (Ewa)

A person of Zheng state buys shoes. There was a person in the state of Zheng who was going to buy shoes. First, he measured his foot, then placed the measurement on his seat. Going to the market, he forgot to take it. Having already found the shoes, he said: I have forgotten to bring the measurement, I will go back to fetch it. By the time he returned, the market had closed, so he did not get the shoes. People said: why not trying the shoes on your feet? He said: I’d rather trust the measurement, I have no trust in myself.

  • Discussion Questions:

+ (YO) "Others said" or "other people said" instead of "people said"?