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Original Script

阿逹羅王即位四年丁酉東海濵有延烏郎細烏女夫婦而居. 一日延烏歸海採藻忽有一巖負歸日本. 國人見之曰 “此非常人也”, 乃立爲王. 細烏恠夫不來歸尋之見夫脫鞋亦上其巖, 巖亦負歸如前. 其國人驚訝奏献於王, 夫婦相㑹立爲貴妃. 是時新羅日月無光. 日者奏云 “日月之精降在我國, 今去日本故致斯怪.” 王遣使來二人, 延烏曰 “我到此國天使然也. 今何歸乎. 雖然朕之妃有所織細綃, 以此祭天可矣.” 仍賜其綃. 使人來奏, 依其言而祭之然後日月如舊. 藏其綃於御庫爲國寳, 名其庫爲貴妃庫. 祭天所名迎日縣又都祈野. 《三國遺事》


Student Translation : Kathy Lin

The Crows Mr. Yan and Mrs. Xi

In the fourth year 1 of King Ah Da Luo’s ascension to the throne, a crow named Yan and his wife Xi dwelled on the shore by the eastern sea. 2 One day, Yan went to pluck seaweed from the sea. Suddenly a rock carried him to Japan. The people of that country saw him and said, “This is not an ordinary man,” and installed him as a lord. Xi thought it strange that her husband did not return and went seeking him. She saw that her husband had taken off his shoes [by a rock], so she also climbed on. The rock again carried its passenger to Japan. The people there were astonished, and presented her to the Lord Yan. Husband and wife were reunited, and Xi was instated as High Lady.

At that time, the light was gone from the sun and the moon in Silla. The one who divined the heavens proposed, “The spirit of the sun and the moon descended on our country and now has gone to Japan. This is the reason for this strangeness.” The King of Silla sent an envoy to bring the two back. Yan said, “My arrival in this country was caused by Heaven. How can I return now? My wife has what she has woven: fine silk. We can make an offering to the heavens with this.” He then bestowed the silk, and let the envoys go back and report thus. An offering was made according to Yan’s words, and afterward the sun and moon were restored. The silk was kept in the imperial storehouse as a national treasure. The storehouse was named the Storehouse of High Lady. The place of the offering to heaven was called Ying Ri County, or Du Qi Field.


1. The fourth year of King Ah Da Luo’s reign was given as the Ding You (丁酉) year.

2. The sea east of Korea

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+(YO) The title "The Crows Mr. Yan and Mrs. Xi" is quite ingenuous. I'd just change them into Sino-Korean pronunciation (Yŏn and O).