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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 9

1.Why did you join this camp (expectations)?

I happened to know about the program called Global Camp when did the summer vacation. I joined a Global camp because I wanted to do something and participate in programs during this summer vacation. I went to school for 3 days during the summer vacation and participated in the Global camp. During the summer vacation, I felt it would be difficult to speak English or talk to my foreign teacher, but my seniors gave me detailed information, and my teacher was kind and explained to me. So I was able to get close to my teacher. I was really proud when I worked hard with my friends for 3 days and made a presentation last time. And I was good the snack I gave out in the middle and the pizza I had last eat. And even when the native teacher came to school, it was hard to meet in class and visit separately every time. And I had little time to speak English in my daily life. However, there were many new things to learn because I had to write on a website called Wiki Pedia while working with a foreign teacher for three days at a global camp. The teacher checked the essay, one by one. Also, teacher told i something wrong in grammar and spelling. Because of that, I could know English grammar that I often make mistakes and spelling that was. One of the most memorable programs I did during the summer vacation was the Global camp, so I participated in the winter vacation Global camp with a good memory.

2.Why did you choose this topic?

The subject of our team was history and education. At first, many people thought that the themes of education institutions and methods of education would be good. But there is no definite subject yet. So on the first day of the global camp, I gathered all together to discuss the topic and found various materials focusing on the strength of Ganghwa. Then I happened to know about the educational goal of Ganghwa in 2018. So, I noticed the benefits of Ganghwa, which has so many historical sites that the environment is clean and almost roofless museums. Eventually, the theme was to put a program on ecology education, which is good for clean environment and not much pollution or do not. And in 2018 it was also a happy learning school that ran this year in 2018, so it included a program related to double-education. And I decided to write about history-related programs because it is the capital of the Goryeo Dynasty and there are many historical cultural assets. 3.What did you know about the topic before the camp?

I only knew about the meditation forest that was set up in our school for ecological education, and the programs that we conducted on the 1,100th anniversary of Goryeo Dynasty, such as walking along the trail and the school drinking festival. I went to meditation forest with my friends during lunch time and experienced academic festivals and walking programs. However, it was not known for ecological education or what it was installed for. And we had a fashion swap party, so we knew but we did not know what we did for happy education.

4.What did you learn about the topic during camp?

During the global camp, I learned about a website called Wikipedia, and I learned how to write. In addition, I could see many things more than during summer vacation. Speaking English naturally increases my English ability and I learned more about English. Looking for data, I became more interested in other schools when I learned about history programs that other schools did. I found out that I could identify the educational goals of the education office and set them for a year. Because translation of the name of the historical site into English would cause a lot of misinterpretation, I felt that I should also write the site carefully when writing the name of the historical site.

5.What was your role in the team?

On the first day of the global camp, we all had a meeting on the topic, and as we discussed it, we actively participated in the meeting, expressing our opinions. Our team wrote about the program related to ecology education, happiness education and history, and among them, I looked up the program in Ganghwa school related to history. After finding the data, I organized the data and wrote the scripts for PPT and e-newspaper, which I wrote the PPT. After writing the PPT, I reviewed the script to see if it was awkward, and then I fixed it with my friend, watching the revision of the team's essay and the revision before the amendment. And on the third day, I announced an essay I had written as a play with my crew.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Global camp essay

Now I am a first year high school student who entered the first year of high school and will be in the second semester soon. I participated in the Global Issues Forum Camp this summer, and this camp helped me to work on my own dream related field. It allowed me and other students enter a group of people who have their own dreams similar to yours . So I decided to write a topic with seniors and juniors interested in the same field. The group I was in was a group related to education. I live in Ganghwa, and I have been working hard for the first semester of the 1100th anniversary of Goryeo Kingdom. And now I am also working hard to write my eassy in English. Also, the teacher who will stay with us for 3 days and 2 nights was also a foreign teacher. To be short I will go over to the explanation on my topic and try to find out what I have done for 3 days in a global camp, what I did and what I thought.

Global Camp First Day! All the students of the camp who participated in it gathered in the seminar room and started a global camp speaking English and Korean. Teachers introduced themselves in English, greeted each team by checking their own teams, and after that classes in English began. Once we were in the multimedia-room on the second floor of the dormitory, where we went back to our friends and asked 5 questions and introduced our friends to each other. Then I heard Lindsy's explanation on the wiki service. After hearing the explanation, I returned to the multi-room dormitory on the 2nd floor. The subject of our article was the comparison between Koryo and current education policies. As a result of the role sharing, the first graders wrote the main conclusion and let the second grade seniors find the information. While Seonbyeong searched for information, four students in the first grade decided to write an introduction and to combine the contents. However, because of the lack of space, I decided to sit next to my computer and share my ideas. I wrote a half of the introduction, and I checked how much overall it was. One of my friends and I was writing what was going on, and the two friends wrote the motive and purpose of this article. The introductory work was completed in this way.

After the introduction was completed and once again confirmed, I was informed by e-mail after the survey of the seniors was completed. So I went to eat after I had a little time to write down the main point. My school lunch was delicious and I ate with appetite, then came back and worked hard again. After about 8 o'clock, the teacher came we asked if we were eating our ice-creams and we, were just like “Eh? What are you talking about...? The team leaders brought the ice cream to the number of people and ate it quickly because it was very delicious. The teacher was so dangerous, she told me to go out to be on time to catch the last train. I had to go soon, so I decided to compare Munhungongdo with the Private Academy and write down common points and differences. However, there was almost no information about the school entrance did so I decided to go home.

When I arrived home, I looked up the information about private education, so I did not show up at all and I had to find out that the entrance school was operated like this. However, I do not know if I have visited various educational sites such as the Educational Evaluation Institute or the Education Office. So, after all, even if I received so much stress, comparing information from sites to each other I finally found out things in common and differences between Munhungongdo and Private Academy After translation, I divided the text into paragraphs, wrote it all down, and sent it to a friend. So I went to sleep on the second day. When I got up and looked at it, I found the information wrong, and my friend worked hard until late, and she seemed to take care about giving me everything I needed to supplement. I felt grateful for her. I went out with my friend and went to the dormitory 's 2nd floor multimedia - room, so the 2nd day of the global issue forum camp started. Once I came in, the chair that I was sitting in yesterday disappeared. I sat next to my our vice-leader and wrote the paragraph about Munhungongdo that I completed yesterday and also completed the theoretical part and conclusion. I looked it all through. Our team leader worked really hard for us, and vice-team leader was really kind. The other second grade friends did their job really well, and the first graders seemed really good. And the teacher spoke English, so I did not understand it well (for what I fell sorry) but she explained everything to me again and again and gave me a lot of attention. It would have been hard to write such a wonderful article if there was not much effort of our teacher and our group members. I was really grateful to all of them, and it was a good time to have such a wonderful experience because I was able to learn about Koryo 's educational policies related to my dreams and especially the munhugongdo.