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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 3

What the Global Camp gave me

When I tried to submit an application for the Global Camp, my friends opposed it. My friends said, "If you go to a global camp, you'll regret it." But now that I think about it, I think I did well in submitting the application. I had not participated in a global camp before, and I had a lot of question in it. So I decided to join this camp. Also, I was very curious about foreign teachers filling the cafeteria in the vacation. I don't have many opportunities to talk to foreigners in my daily life. However, I applied because I thought I could have many conversations with foreign teacher. I wanted to learn how to understand and accept cultural differences between other countries and Korea.

The topic I chose is the religion of ganghwa. Most student have a lot of doubt about this topic. But I was curious about this subject and I think I chose this subject to explore further. There are many religious sites in Ganghwado Island. When I looked at the historical site, I wondered what the religion of the site was and how it came into ganghwa However, he did not try to find it. When I heard the theme of this global camp, I could hear the word "Religion of ganghwa" among many of its themes. Until now, I was curious about religion and I wanted to know many things. So, I chose the topic of 'Religion of Ganghwa'.

The theme of our group is religion that everybody can know. However, Everyone was well aware of religion, but they do not know much about 'the religion of Ganghwado.' Likewise, I did not know anything about the religion of Ganghwa. I didn't know anything about what kind of religion there was in ganghwa and what kind of way the religion could flow in. All I knew was that there were religious sites in Ganghwa. So I studied more about this topic. I didn't know much about Ganghwado's religion, but I tried hard not to cause damage the team.

I have learned a lot from various aspects while I was in global camp. First, I learned about the religion of Ganghwa. Most people think that Buddhism is the only religious site in Ganghwa. However, the religion of the Daejonggyo was also inflow. Daejonggyo is a religion that believes in Dangun, was created by Nacheol who was a religious activist at the Japanese occupation period. And, Daejonggyo is the religion that created the National foundation day of Korea. The second lesson I learned was to cooperate with team. When our team was first made, we were not awkward and friendly. However, as we have been through difficult processes and researching data together, we have developed a sense of cooperation and solidified our relationship with each other. The most important thing in the team is the relationship with the team, but the relationship with our team was better than anyone else. I wanted to have a global camp with this team again. During this camp, I felt rewarded because I learned not only about topics, but also about importance of human relations, cooperation with team members, etc.

This camp was good overall. However What this camp needs to supplement is, first, the duration is too short. At the camp, I have to talk and study with foreigners, but I have too little time to talk with my foreign teacher and do some research. Second, do not limit language to English only. Besides English, I think it would be good to do research in Chinese or Japanese and write a report. Lastly, I hope that the subject is not limited to Ganghwa.