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Team No. Topic Name Country Course Major
N/A N/A Lyndsey TWINING USA PhD Cultural Informatics
1 Ganghwa and Goryeo Russell Charles KELLY Australia MA Korean History & Culture
2 Dolmens of Ganghwa Evgeniia POLUMESTNAIA Russia MA Education
3 Buddhism on Ganghwa Ritika India PhD Korean Literature
4 Society and Culture of Ganghwa in the Modern Period Shyam Kumar ANAND India PhD Korean Culture & Society
5 Human Rights and Media during the Colonial Period Evelyn RUIZ Peru PhD Translation of Classics
6 Military History and Ganghwa Olga FEDOROVA Russia MA Korean History
7 Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection Marianna PEROVA Russia PhD Economics
8 Agriculture/Fishing Industries and Traditional Markets Sally KHALIL Egypt PhD (SNU) Korean Lingusitics
9 Education on Ganghwa Shaden MUSTAFA Jordan MA Korean Culture and Society
10 Famous People and Historic Sites of Ganghwa Margarita KICHUKOVA Bulgaria MA Political Science

Shyam Kumar ANAND



Shyam Kumar ANAND is a PhD Candidate in Global Korean Studies Department at The Academy of Korean Studies, South Korea. He has completed his BA & MA from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Later he moved to South Korea and completed his MA in Korean Culture & History (The Academy of Korean Studies). He has a special interest in Korean Culture, History, and Society.



AKS Olga.jpg

Hello! Though I've never ever been to a Korean school I hope we'll work well together. Send me a kakaotalk message if you want to bounce ideas off someone. Let's make some good memories during this winter Forum.

Russell Charles KELLY



Sally ^^

Hello ^^


Hello everyone! My name is Margarita Kichukova and I am happy to be part of the Global Camp this year. I was born in Bulgaria where I completed my Bachelor's degree in Korean Studies last year. Currently, I am doing my Master's degree in Political Science at AKS. I came to Korea one year ago and so far I love the country. One of my favorite things to do here is traveling and it is my first time to visti Gangwha, so I am very excited. I hope that all of us are going to learn a lot and have loads of fun! AKS Margarita.jpg



Marianna PEROVA

AKS MArianna.JPG Hello, my dear girls from Team 7!


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My name is Evgeniia but friends call me Jenya. I am from Russia and, contrary to what people think, I don’t like cold weather, or snow for that matter. I was born in a small town in the south of Russia but moved to Saint Petersburg after I finished high school. When I went to university, Korea was not that well known in Russia like it is nowadays. So I was not attracted to Korea by k-pop or k-dramas but by the language itself. At that time, not many people were studying Korean but I really liked the sound of it. For me it was unique how the Korean language combines hard sounds and soft tones. With struggles, sleepless nights but also thrilling moments when I would actually understand Korean, being written or spoken, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Modern Korean Literature. I studied and wrote my final research paper on Park Taewon’s “A day in the life of Kubo the novelist” and found many interesting things and learned about fascinating places in Seoul. As a result, when I came to Korea to do my master’s degree I ended up in Seoul many times roaming the city. I like to visit different parts of Seoul and feel the atmosphere of each street and alley. I like to visit places in Seoul that are not that famous for tourists and I like exploring Korean restaurants and coffee houses. It is really exciting when I meet nice old ladies that are shocked when I order food in Korean, or albasengs that open their eyes wide open and smile when I order café latte.

Now I am doing my Master’ degree on education so I look forward to put in practice what I learned so far, I look forward to meet Korean high schoolers and have fun while studying together.

Evelyn RUIZ

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Hello! I am happy to be helping out at GGHS Global Issues Forum again this winter break. I hope that this time I have been able to set up this MediaWiki site to make it more convenient for you. Please send me a KakaoTalk if you have any questions about MediaWiki, Romanization, Essay and Presentation Judgement Criteria, or anything else! Good luck and I'm excited to see your final results!

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