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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

1.Why did you join this camp (expectations)? I became interested when I learned that the subject of the global camp was the history of Ganghwa. Moreover, I was attracted by the fact that it is time to explore a subject with native English teachers, not just studying history, and I wanted to reduce fear of conversation with foreigner this opportunity because there are not many opportunities to talk to native speakers. so I participated.

2.Why did you choose this topic? Because I have explored many sites and relics of Ganghwa, but I thought I haven't been studied the subject of Ganghwa historical people in detail.

3.What did you know about the topic before the camp? I knew who Yang Heon-soo, Eo Jae-yeon and Lee Gyu-bo were. but I knew just ' winner the war or the good writer in Goryeo'

4.What did you learn about the topic during camp? Of course, I learned about the history of Ganghwa in detail, and I was proud that I overcame my fear of conversation through conversation with my native English teacher. Also, when we studied hard in our group and wrote it on Wikipedia, we felt rewarding for three days.

5.What was your role in the team? My role in our team was to investigate and translate Ganghwa characters. And I prepared for the play by making props for the play about Ganghwa history.