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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 2

I explore the subject of ‘Dolmens of Ganghwa’ as a team member of team2 at Ganghwa Girl's High School Global Issues Forum camp.

I didn’t participant last camp in the summer and I wanted to spend winter vacation which is longer than summer vacation meaningful as a first grade in high school. So I participant this camp.

Despite the fact in our school there are a lot of opportunities to do presentations in frond of the audience, I rarely do presentations in english

I think I need a experience of giving a presentation in front of native speaker and being evaluated for my future.

The character that represent Ganghwa is ‘Gangdol’.

Just by looking at ‘Gangdol’, which is standing with the dolmen with wearing prehistoric clothes and tools made of stone, we can know how important Ganghwa has played a role in history.

Actually, many tourist spots are formed which use historical relic like dolmen in Ganghwa. And in recognition of this, Ganghwa was selected as a tourist city in 2018.

I think the subject of prehistoric times and dolmen was a topic that would allow me to learn more about history of Ganghwa.

Before starting a camp, I’d already known about the prehistoric life form through the history class since middle school.

For example, prehistoric times categorizes in Old Stone Age, New Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. And they used tools like hand axe and a half-moon knife.

These back ground knowledge was useful for writing a script of presentation.

In particular, knowledge of the characteristics of the Bronze Age allowed the script to be smoothly written when talking about the Bronze Age, the way people lived or the dolmen made during that period.

However there are new things that I learned during a camp.

The only dolmen I've actually seen are table dolmen. So I haven’t thought about a kind of dolmen. But I realize that there are Gibansik dolmen and Giseoksik dolmen except for table dolmen.

And also, I realize dolmen also served as a service for the gods, in addition to the role of the tomb.

Of course, I hadn’t realized just about the dolmen.

I was able to learn foreign language that used in real life from my team's native teacher.

Among my words, there is a word “I’m dying to know”. At first, I didn’t know what it mean and just read. But after learning the meaning of sentences and where to accent when talking from a native teacher, I became to be able to communicate English sentences more effectively.

I think I had a lot of impact on our team’s presentation.

I created the ppt for presentation, formed a frame of script by writing a early script, joined for making props, and announced as a role of curator.

I was most proud of the moment when everyone liked the ppt that I worked hard to avoid damaging our team.

The experience of making a huge dolmen as a prop for the presentation is a moment that I have never done before, and I think it will remain in my memory.

Actually, the most difficult thing was presentation.

The process of memorizing script written in English was more difficult than I thought.

So I suggest an idea of making a cue sheet in case of emergency.

But separately from the cue sheet, it's a play form, so I tried to memorize the script as much as possible. And I memorize all the thing finally. But it is so difficult to speak at moderate speed in actual presentation, suppressing tension and relying only on memory.

I was upset that I didn't like the presentation as much as it was prepared. But fortunately, my team was third of 10 teams !! I was very grateful to my team.

I got a lot of things, but I liked it the most that I was able to develop communication skills with native speakers.

My cousin lives in America and she brought her foreign friends home sometimes. But I haven’t tried to communicate with them.

Because I am not confident with my prononciation.

However, I communicated a lot with my team’s foreign teacher during this camp and I realized that pronunciation was not important but trying to communicate was important.

Thus, I am willing to participant next camp. However, if this global camp was an opportunity to learn about Ganghwwa's Cultural and Natural Heritage, I would like to build a broader knowledge by holding the next global camp on a bigger topic, not about Ganghwa.