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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 2

the history of ganghwa dolmen

In fact, I had a lot of thoughts before I applied for the camp.

It takes a lot of time and effort and most of all, I had to attend school during the vacation.

However, based on the experience that I gained confidence in my career through the global camp in the first semester, I applied to learn about new fields by challenging a new topic.

Among many themes, the theme I chose is 'Strengthening Dolmen and Prehistory.'

The reason I chose this among many topics is because I thought that studying this topic would give me more detailed knowledge about the history of dolmen and Ganghwa, and I would take pride in the history of Ganghwa as a student attending Ganghwa Girls' High School.

This winter vacation camp was like a Santa Claus who brought me presents.

It is because it has given me so much learning. The most learned thing from this camp was the history of Ganghwa.

I did not have much knowledge about dolmen, but while working on the dolmen, we learned a lot of detailed knowledge such as the use, shape, and size of dolmen.

So I knew all about the dolmen and told others.

Another thing I learned is how to communicate with foreigners.

When I was talking to a foreigner, I couldn't convey what I wanted to say properly, but this opportunity gave me the courage to talk to my foreign teachers first, even if my English pronunciation was not good.

It was also more meaningful to be able to correct English expressions that we misused in our daily lives while talking to foreign teachers.

My most essential role in the team was to create a dolmen and play the chief role in the play-style presentation.

Although it was difficult in the process to make the dolmen feel real, it was able to produce good results by working with friends around it.

Also, I received a lot of feedback from my foreign teacher about the play tone and intonation in order to create the character of the chief, and I was able to get good results from it.

Through this camp, I hope that I have the courage to be more proactive and communicate fluently in my conversations with foreigners.

Also, I hope to learn how to express my opinions in group activities with unfamiliar people and become a persuasive communicator in a larger community in the future.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

After the first semester of my first year of high school, I think it is very meaningful that I can participate in this camp in summer vacation. While I was thinking about how I can spend a meaningful vacation, I found this camp, under the theme of Goryeo and Gandhwa, that make many people to know about Ganghwa island. Also, I could be more interested in my field if I joined this camp.

Our group's subject is about 'comparing the lives of the people' during the Goryeo military rule. I am in charge of exploring the psychology of the military (soldiers). The reason why I chose this subject is because I am interested in psychology. I only knew very basic knowledge like that the aristocrats of Goryeo lived in luxury during the war, while the commoners lived in great poverty. I wish I could get more information about Goryeo in this camp.

In this activity, I was able to explore the contents of old Goryeo books, find data based on various scientific experiments, and introduce it to my friends in relation to the psychology of the military. What impressed me most in the investigation process was that the inferiority complex of atheism developed into superiority to conceal their inner fears, but it is surprising that different emotions could develop in connection with each other. In this role, I learned how to understand the psychology of the warriors of Goryeo, how to mediate in the event of trouble, and how to handle the work given to me quickly and accurately. Also, I learned how to cooperate with seniors and friends while filming the video for my presentation. I think this realization will be a big step stone for me to walk on.

While studying deeply on one topic for two days, it was a little bit hard, I could expect more interest in 'psychology', which I was normally interested in. Also, I expect to improve my English skills and speaking attitude by doing all the activities in English. Based on the cooperation I learned in this camp and the various English expressions I learned while talking with a foreign teacher, I think I can approach my career better.

My Contribution

The Psychology of Those in Power during the Military Rule

The reason why the soldiers felt inferior during the military coup

Since King Seongjong (981-997), the ruling system was arranged on the basis of Confucius Political Ideology, enforcing the civil administration system. Thus, the literary officers led the political situation, establishing the powerful literati families. Each literati family formed a particular consciousness different from other ruling groups and displayed it in the human and social relations. It was mainly expressed with pride and arrogance, and the direct victim of such discrimination was mainly the soldiers. Hurt by the rudeness of literati officers, soldiers acquired a victim mentality or inferiority complex. [1]

Sense of inferiority

This concept was used by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler. The term means a person who begins to make excuses for his/her inferiority complex. For example, saying, 'I can't succeed because I have a low educational background' or 'I can't get married because I'm ugly.' They have no confidence, are intimidated and always suffer from inferiority.[2]

The reason why the soldiers felt superior during military rule period

The resons are recorded in the Goryeosa Jeolyo(高麗史節要箋) saying, ‘After a military rule that began in 1170, the government and the authoritarian regime by Jeong Jung-bu (1174-1179), Yi Ui-bang (?-1174) and Yi Go are maintained. However, in 1171, Yi Ui-bang tried to betray Jeong Jung-bu and became powerful. The fast promotion of the government was a disciple in 1173, but the government was not enjoying the power struggle and division within the military as it suffered the time to hide itself from Yi. Yi Ui-bang, who was ambitious enough to even plot the marriage of the Goryeo royal family, was assassinated in 1174. Finally, in 1179, a new man, Gyeong Dae-seung (1179-1183), staged a coup and killed Jung Jong-bu and Jung Gyun, leading to a different phase of Goryeo's military regime. However, Gyeong Dae-seung died of disease in 1183, and Yi Ui-min (1183-1196) returned to power the following year.In 1196, Choe Chung-heon (1196-1219) became powerful. For more than 60 years Choe family maintained their power.‘ These frequent regime changes had led to fears among the military who began to show a sense of superiority complex.[3]

Sense of superiority

Used by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler. The term does not imply any objectivity (very subjective) that you are superior to others ; it arose as a defense against the compensation or inferiority complex.[4]

The feeling of superiority complex

Suffering from severe inferiority complex, but not having the courage to compensate by healthy means such as effort and growth, and accepting yourself as if you were wrong.[5] [6]

How to overcome the feeling of superiority complex

The fundamental solution is to improve feeling inferior. If improvement is not possible, it is a good idea to accept it. For example, if you have an inferiority complex about your educational background, you should think about how you can improve your education and implement it. Also, if you don't like your job, you should find out how to get a better job and gradually implement it.[7]

Unmanned leaders life

Unmanned leaders and some power elite generally seem to have enjoyed comfortable lives. They mobilized troops to bring in from the mainland to form garden , and requisitioned the people to build ice warehouses. In addition, the government offices were built in imitation of Gaegyeong(개경), the capital city, and by strengthening its defense facilities, the government office building was constructed to build a coastal bank and a coastal bank. As Ganghwa Island was rebuilt and a residential area was established, lantern celebration and various banquets were held in style. They were continuously supplied with money from the mainland, so they were able to live in luxury even when the people were in need.[8]


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