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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

I participated in the global camp in the summer of the first semester, but I had no confidence in English at the time and had a phobia about talking. However, after participating, I gained confidence by talking with native English teachers and it was a wonderful and meaningful experience to communicate with people in a language other than the one that I usually use. I applied for the camp because I thought I could do better this time using my experience. The reason I chose the theme of 'making Ganghwa into the capital' is because of their historical relationship. I studied about the Goryeo Dynasty because I was a liberal arts major. Ganghwa such as Sinmiyangyo and Byeongyangyo is a place where war suffered. I chose this topic because I wanted to find out with my friends what happened to the strength of my body and if there were any other historical facts. We set the topic in detail before exploring the topic of 'making Ganghwa into the capital'. That's because our subject was too broad. To make the presentation, we needed to narrow it down to a smaller topic. Therefore, we chose Ganghwa Island and making Ganghwa into the capital as the theme of the debate. making Ganghwa into the capital was a subject of performance evaluation, so it was easy to write Wiki because I researched a lot. Kang Hwa-do divided the background of Cheondo Island and the pros and cons, conducted a survey, translated and uploaded on the website. I investigated, translated, and posted on Wikipedia the opposite side of 'Strengthening'. He also led conversations and discussions so that his friends could easily communicate. I participated in the global camp for the first semester, so I helped many of my first friends. Through this global camp, I can take a step forward in my future dream of kindergarten teacher. Because I could learn how to communicate with my friends and talk to many races. I will continue to strive to become a global talent.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Our team used education as the keyword at this global issue forum. The main topic is comparison and analysis of university education in Goryeo and university education in modern Korea. I was in charge of investigating the modern college education system. I analyzed the adventages and disadventages of the modern education system by analyzing the news and charts of Wikipedia and newspapers. and I translated korean into English, The materials on the Gukjagam, the national science of Goryeo, and the munheongongdo, the private educational institution of Goryeo.

I didn't know I'd have to edit the wiki until I did this activity. Although there were ups and downs and trials as it was the first time I dealed with it, I could improve my ability to understand and edit under the directions of my teacher. Also, because our team is made up of friends who want to be engaged in education, we could talk about education and I think it would be able to help me a lot in my future. moreover, by introducing our own system, we were able to share our culture as citizens of the world and foster patriotism and love to our culture.

I wrote stories and scripts for my presentation. With the motif of the famous book Harry Potter, the focus was to show and explain the international heritage and literature. I am afraid of English composition. Can I write script well? I thought, but as I discussed and talked with my friends, I could write without burden. Through this, I removed the burden on English composition and developed my ability to write naturally.

I also learned that there was a lot of effort from the Goryeo Dynasty to the present education of Korea. Before studying this subject, I was unfamiliar with the education system of Goryeo. Through this activity, however, I thought about how to reform the education system and how students can pursue their dreams. 1000 anniversary of the founding of the Goryeo Dynasty was not celebrated because that year was on the Japanese occupation that suffering many of our people. That is why the 110-year anniversary is so important. Moreover, it was a good experience to celebrate in the ganghwa that flower of the Goryeo Dynasty, which has been the capital of Korea for 39 years.