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Topic: The management style of Kaesong merchants and the trading center of the city of Beaujolais were also introduced.

Last winter, I participated in a global camp, and while I was having a very good time and learning a lot, I was worried that my vacation was so short that I became interested in participating in this global camp, which marks the 1,100th anniversary. The theme was decided on the basis of the number of vehicles, but he wanted to learn a little more about Korea's history, but on the 1100th anniversary of Korea, he decided on the number of vehicles related to the team members. Before the spring camp, Byeongnando was known to be the most active port of Goryeo in terms of trade, and Byeongnando was not aware of the fact that it was a trade port. Although I started to spread the name " Goryeo " around the world, I discovered that it was named Korea because of its difficulty in pronunciation. In addition, the reason for trading in Byeongnando is because it is close to Gaegyeong, the capital of Goryeo, and the port near the mouth of Yeseonggang, so it is easy to trade and connected with the sea route. I have come to realize that it is because of the deep and broad seepage of water, and for the purpose of preparing for the announcement, I have first discovered documents about the role I played in Neighborhood, and Song, Saudi Arabia. After looking for the material, it became clear to me that I had not known it, and then I searched for the material and made a PPT based on it. I arranged what I really needed to make it short, and I was able to overlook. In the process, I was able to find out what I had overlooked, and I continued to worry about how I should speak if I met a native teacher before starting a global camp, but fortunately, I had not been able to listen to the end. And what I wanted to learn was that it would be even more fun and meaningful if I had camped globally, and unlike last year's wiki activity was added, there was a lot of worry, but Lindsay was able to walk around a lot faster and teach me.