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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

The reason why I participated in the global camp is because the activities I did at the camp last summer remain a good memory. The Global Camp gave me a broader perspective on the world. And above all, because the topic of this camp was so relevant to the history of Ganghwa, I really had to participate in this camp. Because I am a passionate historian and I am a person who dreams of joining UNESCO. And through communication with native English teacher, I wanted to improve my English skills. The topic I chose was the historical site of Ganghwa and the character of Ganghwa, and the reason I chose this topic was because I wanted to study the character of Ganghwa in more detail, especially the historical site. The people our team chose were Yang Heon-soo, Eo Jae-yeon and Lee Gyu-bo. It was sad not to include anyone I didn't know who was famous, but it would be an unforgettable experience to study them who protected the country and devoted themselves to literature. Last year, I had gained a lot of background knowledge about Lee Gyu-bo at the Koryo 1,100th anniversary event, which is an event at school. Since I was in elementary school, I had attended a quiz contest on the history and historical site of Ganghwa, so I knew a lot about Yang Heon-soo and General Eo Jae-yeon. I was happy to use this knowledge for this team activity. I learned cooperation, consideration and respect through this global camp. The process of preparing the play was really difficult and it was also difficult to be on Wiki, but with the help of our team and our native teacher, Maggie, we were able to solve many things. I would like to thank our native English teacher, Maggie. My role in our team was to write a Wikipedia-related Wikipedia article and translate the script with everyone.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

I’m Han who participated in the Global Issues Forum for Ganghwa Girls ' High School in 2018. The first reason why I joined this camp is that I want to experience working on a topic with various people. Secondly, it was because I wanted to improve my knowledge and thought about Goryeo while I was approached by another team. The AKS sponsors this camp and it seems really helpful to me to work with those who are studying here.

There were many teams in the global camp, such as education, art, science, and cooking, but the reason why I joined the political diplomacy team was that I recently had a lot of political and diplomatic work around me. Recently, there were 6.13 local elections, the Panmunjom declaration, the South-North summit, and privately held discussions about politics at a reading debate contest. I talked a lot about politics with my parents, teachers, and friends, and I realized that politics is an inseparable relationship to our daily lives.


The theme that our team chose at this global camp is " Politics and Diplomacy of Goryeo " in detail. In the big themes, it can be seen as King Taejo Wang Gun, Gwangjong, and King Sungjong's foreign policies, and domestic politics. I served as the part of King Sungjong in the internal politics of Goryeo. There was nothing very difficult because I learned it in Korean history class. It was known that King Suro appointed Choi Seung-ro as an ideal Confucian politician, but it was the first time that he heard that he decided to resign after establishing Jongmyo Shrine. And I have heard of Tae-hak in Goguryeo, but it was also one of the first to know that Tae-hak existed in Goryeo. In addition, King seong-jong's pursuit of territory and cultural benefits reminded people of Shilhan's diplomacy in the mid-Cheong period of the Joseon Dynasty. Gwanghaegun minimized the damage of Joseon by taking neutral diplomacy between Hugeum and Ming. In the 10th century, Goryeo was formed in the middle of both location and politics, and the opposing bands, Song and Khitan, and aftershocks, wanted each other to be considered. Goryeo was the most politically motivated country to implement " multidisciplinary diplomacy " in which it formed alliances with various countries but took advantage at decisive moments. Goryeo acquired a ' Gangdong 6 states and I think Korea should also follow suit. Korea is similar to the situation of Goryeo. The United States is the most powerful nation in the 21st century and China is still sleeping in the water, but soon will wake up and become a beast. It is said that the best prophet for the future is the past. We should take action on the basis of past pragmatic diplomacy of Goryeo.

The thing I learned the most about doing the global camp was the wiki. I first learned that I can make a new part through editing. It was an amazing experience to see the information I collected go into the humanities Wikimedia If I have a chance, I would like to find out more about Wiki. Usually, the wiki was not important. However, it is even touching that the information that each person has personally can become everyone's information. Wouldn't our school get good results if we activate the wiki in class and group work

I think this global camp was a good opportunity for me to know. The global camp which was held in 2018 to celebrate the 1,100 year of Goryeo was good because I can think about it in relation to history that I liked since I was young and politics that I have been interested in recently. And though it was difficult, I could check my English again through translation. We learned more about women's rights, Goryeo celadon, Goryeo food and the history and culture of Goryeo in the other team's wiki. Thank you to The center of Korean studies that sponsored the forum, Professor Kim Hyun, and teacher Lee Myung-hee, who helped make the camp happen.