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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

I once said this to my teacher a few months before the Global Camp. Since it is the Global Camp, he said he needs more time to talk and talk with his foreign teacher. Students took too much time to find data and prepare for presentations because they were writing essays. The teacher accepted the opinion, and began with a much easier exchange of opinions than a global camp during the summer vacation.

However, our troubles always came. It was because of the format of the theme selection and presentation. The theme was so comprehensive that it seemed to overlap with any team, and the presentation was not going well at all because it was difficult for the team to make a script. But the person who helped me every time is our team's Russtilaroo teacher. He showed us the presentation video of a team similar to our topic and suggested how we should do it. Thanks to these teachers, we started to do what we had to do without interruption.

My job was to investigate the advantages of moving to Ganghwa and the cultural development that occurred when I moved to Ganghwa, one of its advantages. I was with my friend, but I had more advantages than I thought because I was with a friend who was usually close. When I exchanged opinions with each other, I could talk without any hesitation and my breathing was good. Because the data is not more diverse than I thought, I added the contents related to it if I wanted to be vulnerable. And, what I wrote seemed to be English class that teacher Russtilaroo was taking part in because it seemed to me that it was refreshing to find out what English grammar should be supplemented and solved together. Now that I think about it, I was a little bit afraid to take the job, but I thought I could make a more natural sentence because of the work, so I really wanted to thank my proud and hardworking teacher, Mrs. Russtilaroo. It was too hard to be alone, but I was very dependable to help many friends naturally.

Ms.Russtilaroo took a picture of us during our presentation practice. Not only did he film, but he also helped him in acting. I was unfamiliar with English presentations and it was hard for me to practice such a serious acting for the first time, and the teacher taught me with a pleasant personality. I still laugh when I think about it. I was nervous that I had to make a presentation in front of many people. I was proud of myself because I felt more and more proud of myself.

If it is short and long, it is long time. Most of the team members felt awkward because they had never seen each other before, but as time passed, they seemed to relax. For some reason, this camp was more informative and fun than the last one. As I said, it was a good time for me to talk more and be taught more. And, it was very satisfying not to be pushed out of time. I bragged that it was a camp that was very satisfying to my family. Although this camp is a very famous camp in our school, there are many friends who did not participate well because they misunderstood it as a difficult camp. But, I want to tell them that it is not difficult. It was a lot of time to get as hard as it was difficult. But, it was too bad to leave the teacher. But can send with a smile because it was a good time. I promised to participate in the next few camps. I want to tell my team that I've done a good job. Thank you, my friends!

2018 Summer Personal Essay

The reason I joined the global camp is that I wanted to be a little different as I approached the field of interest.

Can I speak and speak a language of another country and not of my own?’

So I applied out of curiosity.

With this opportunity, I can study a little deeper in my dream and I can improve speaking and listening to English everyday while staying together with a few opportunities to see foreigners.

And the reason why we chose the subject of women's rights was because Goryeo was the time when women's rights were most respected in the history of the Korean Peninsula, but frankly, we did not inform the textbooks in detail.

I thought I would like to enter this team in this global camp with the social field I am interested in and the topic I usually wondered about.

In particular, women-related topics are a common concern and a problem to be solved. I wanted to see what our ancestors did not know and to find out what to praise and point out.

First of all, there was a lot to explore this topic and learn a lot.

the issue of women's rights that I investigated in Joseon was more serious than people thought.

if a woman loses her husband, she will not be able to remarry for three years and her child will not be able to enter government agencies.

And in Goryeo, which had to do with the theme, it was very impressive that a woman was given a position.

‘Have women ever been given positions?’

I thought it would not have been, but it was really there.

I saw many opinions and knowledge about women's rights in the Goryeo, Joseon, and modern times.

I have conducted a detailed investigation into the discrimination of the class of Joseon and the discrimination in the literature

I wanted to write this forum and feel that everyone would feel serious about the discrimination that women receive and have a lot of thoughts.

And I would like to recommend you to read the book once you are interested in women's human rights.

I was very grateful and grateful to the senior members of our group to see if they were doing well sometimes.