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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 7

I participated in this global forum camp for the first time. They were able to apply in the summer, but they were unable to participate due to personal circumstances. That's why expectations were high for the forum camp. Can I communicate with a native speaker in English at first? I thought, so I was scared. After we started, we gathered in teams to introduce ourselves in English. I was very nervous because my friends were all good at it. When my turn finally came, I was very nervous but succeeded in introducing myself in English. Even after introducing myself, my native English teacher talked a lot to me, so I was able to relieve the tension. Later, he began to prepare for the presentation in earnest. The topic of our team was Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection . On the first day, it was the only team to join the camp. Our team began to look for data by dividing one topic into two subtopics. I took charge of solar energy among new and renewable energy and researched data. Later, I went to the computer room and wrote what I had organized on the website of WikiLeanin. On the second day, I wrote a script and found and attached a photo that matches the article posted on the website. They also wrote scripts and made props for the presentation. The third day, it is the day of the presentation. I practiced the presentation and made the presentation. Our team's presentation order was the 10th last. I think I was more nervous at the end. Still, I finished successfully and I got the first prize.

a contribution

In this team, I was in charge of researching solar energy and putting together and posting the pre-written documents on the Wiki website. He also played the role of attaching the right photo. He also played a role of displaying the location of Google Maps and creating Su Bin and Mind Maps.