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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 5

After summer vacation, my second global camp was over. I have already experienced it during summer vacation, and I was undecided about whether I should do it again, but I came to participate in the second global camp because I thought it would be a different feeling. The overall theme of this global camp was Ganghwa's cultural heritage. Team 5, which I was part of, chose the subject of Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876 and the cases of violations of human rights in the era of Japanese occupation. There were many friends in our team that I knew before last time, and I was excited because the chosen topic was what I had been interested in. My job was to investigate, translate and present the military police system under Japanese control and its human rights violations. At first, it was just pitch-dark. All of these were concerned with what to look into and how to translate. Above all, it was the most challenging to keep talking to teachers in English without enough confidence. I was worried that my lack of English skills would be a nuisance to others now that I came all the way here. However, I found myself gradually working hard towards completing my task. It was the time to get closer to history as well as to English. It became the time to learn more about the history that I had learned but didn't know much about at school. In the Japanese occupation period, the sense of humiliation that Koreans experienced was much bigger and more terrible than what I expected. I felt sorry and thankful to my ancestors. Not only that, I wanted more people to know about the human rights of Koreans which were trampled down in this period. I vowed to become a police officer later who values human rights more than anything else. The process of translating was a bit tricky. It was frustrating and difficult to change words and sentences, which were unfamiliar even in Korean, into English. But my friends and teacher helped me a lot so I could do it safely. I was very proud and pleased to see that our team did their best in a short period of time, in researching, translating and uploading it to Wikipedia. At first, I was actually worried that we might not be able to make it within the allotted time, but that was all unnecessary. After this task was finished, we began to prepare for the presentation. Our presentation was a play. I was a script writer. Writing a script was not easy, but I solved it quickly it with my friends. And we shared the part and memorized the lines. Fortunately, I could memorize quickly because I wrote the script. After all, because of the teacher's help, advice, and our efforts, we were able to prepare for the presentation. So we have successfully finished the presentation. Unfortunately, I did not win the prize, but I think our team did the best. It was a choice among the concerns, but now I think it was a good choice to participate. It would have been a real waste if I missed this opportunity. Also, it is really important and meaningful because it is the activity of only Ganghwa Girls High School. Although the world is becoming more globalized, we have fewer opportunities to speak and present in English at school. However, this camp was a good experience and stepping stone to improving English. In the future, confidence and interest in English will grow. Going to school during the vacation and participating in the global camp were all difficult challenges, but I think it was worth it and I will remember it for a long time.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

TOPIC: The measures for Unified Korea based on the diplomacy and the internal policy in Goryeo Dynasty

I join Global Forum Camp first time in Ganghwa Girls ' High School. I wanted to go to the camp since I saw the notice that was attached to the dormitory notice board. I also wanted to revive the memory of the summer school in US. So, I joined this Camp.

My dream is being a police officer. so I decided this topic, Politics and Diplomacy. I wanted to compare Korean society to Goryeo. Through this topic, I wanted to have a chance to find out more about Korean society and unification. Before the camp, I was not familiar with Goryeo's policies and the policies of Korean society now. So, as I researched and got to know about this topic, I had a lot of information that I first encountered. I conducted an investigation into Wang Geon's internal policy and his policies were excellent. His policies stabilized the lives of the people and led to reunification from chaos. As now korea is also have confused part, we need look deep into Wang geon's policy. Also, our country, the only divided country,I thought that unification needs to be learned from kings in history.

The times i have spent at this camp helped me a lot as I want to work for Korean society in the future. Since my dream is only possible by loving my country and people, I thought I should learn the love of Wang Gun for people.

In addition, this camp gave motivation for English. The pluralist diplomacy of Goryeo, which was part of our team's research, has made the Goryeo society more successful. So, In this future society, exchanges between diplomacy and people from other countries will be important, much more. To do so, English must be basic and fundamental. In the course of conversation with native English teacher, I felt the need to study English very hard. When I attend the next global camp, I want to communicate with my teacher more with better English skills.

Anyway, The global camp was a good experience for me and gave me good memories. and I am happy to got a good chance to look back at the history of Goryeo and Korean society.