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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 7

Reason for attending Global camp

Last summer, 2018 Summer Global camp was held. I felt regret that I couldn't participate in the Global camp because I had to travel with my family. In addition, My friends who participated in the Global camp told me that Global camp was doing interesting activities with teammates to discuss, investigate and post on wiki about selected topic, so I felt I must attend next Global camp.

Reason for choosing 'Renewable energy and Biological Diversity Preservation'

When I was in the third grade of middle school, A cat came to our school and started to live there, and I and my friends loved him very much. One day, He had car accident. so we collected hospital bills for him, but he was unable to operate. We wanted him to recover himself. And he miraculously recovered. After that experience, I became interested in veterinary medicine and decided to pursue my career in biologic. When I set up a theme with my teammates during this global camp, they came up with opinions about preserving biodiversity. and I said, without hesitation, let's discuss the topic. Also our topic is "Renewable Energy and Biological Diversity Preservation," in fact, we took lessons about renewable energy and Biological Diversity Preservation in our science class. So we had a lot of knowledge about this subject, so we chose the topic of Renewable energy and Biological Diversity Preservation that we know very well and feel interesting.

Ganghwa island is an energy treasure warehouse

I have lived in Ganghwa island for a long time, but frankly I haven't been interested about Ganghwa island. I knew that the nickname of Ganghwa island is 'History museum without roof'. In the other words, I knew that Ganghwa island appears as the center of Korean history, but there was little opportunity to investigate the relationship between Ganghwa island and science. Through Global camp, However, I had a chance to get a lot of information about the new and renewable energy in Ganghwa island. I could investigate amazing and effective renewable energy of Ganghwa island. I knew that 'Wooden pellet' is renewable energy for the first time, and I found it to be a very popular renewable energy!

My special ability is to be compose pictures

We divided us to two groups, One investigated renewable energy, and another group investigated biological diversity preservation. And I was in renewable energy group, So I told my teammates let's divide up our work to reseach tidal energy, solar energy, and bio energy. I and Hyewon investigated about bio energy of Ganghwa island. And I also investigated Wind energy and renewable energy's definition. I gathered information, translated, and wrote up Mediawiki. After wrote, I and Hoyeon made PPT. I made contents of the PPT, and Hoyeon put music and effect on the PPT. Thanks to Hoyeon, PPT is much better looking than before. In the process of making the PPT, I was inspired by our concept of 'Pokemon Go' and composed Ganghwa island's creatures and Pokemon. Mariana teacher said it was funny idea. I also participated in the video shoot. Hyewon wrote script for the video and told me my role, and I played 'Garibimon' in the video! And I and Subin and Seoyeon painted the map of Pokemon Go and made Exploring badges. And We wrote rolling-paper for our teacher, Mariana!

Thanks to Glbal camp

My dream is to be the greatest biologist and break up all of genetic disease of cat. I felt like I was closer to my career, a scientist, through the global camp, and I thought I should improve my English skills in conversation with my teacher Mariana. I will try to speak English fluently at the next global camp. Also, while writing this personal essay, I was able to think of global camp activities again. It was a very fun and informative global camp. I want to take part in next semester as well. Thank you, Global Camp!