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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 6

My second Global Forum Camp

This winter's Global Forum camp is my second camp. I participated in the camp in the summer and it was good to communicate with native English teachers and to record my explorations on Wikipedia. So I got involved again.

The topic of the 2019 Global Forum camp was "natural cultural heritage" of Ganghwa. I thought this subject was a perfect match for Ganghwa. And I was excited to learn more about Ganghwa's natural cultural heritage through this theme. There were several Soju festivals, and among them, I chose the subject of the Military-Chosun era and modern international relations. Because I was interested in military facilities and international relations. Even now, I think I've picked the right topic!

On the first day of the Global Forum Camp, I met native English teachers. Our group native teacher was an Olga teacher from Russia. The first impression of Olga teacher was pretty and cute. Then the teams gathered and discussed which way to solve the topic. Our team didn't get together at first, but in the middle of the meeting, our teacher Olga gave us good ideas and our leader led us well, so we decided to move. So, our group decided to investigate the cultural heritage of the case based on the case. I investigated the background of Byeongin Yangyo. I thought that Byeongin Yangyo was something I learned in my school history class, but there were a lot of things I didn't know. The new knowledge was that the three countries decided to form an alliance against the backdrop of Byeongin Yangyo, but without any responsibilities, Heungseon Daewongun criticized the missionaries. It was nice to get this new information! However, it was the hardest time for me to survive by eating snacks from my school. And the investigation went well. So the first day, I finished my research and fell asleep.

On the second day of the Global Forum Camp, Wey wrote a script that We uploaded on the website and presented. I thought "Can I do it?" before I write the script it was well written when I wrote the script while sharing knowledge with my friends. And I shared the script and memorized it. I fell asleep while memorizing. On the last day of the Global Forum Camp, he gave a presentation. I practiced my presentation hard, but when I went on stage, I was so nervous that I forgot many lines. But I did my best and I have no regrets. I will participate again in second grade.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Topic: 2018 Global forum camp

I am attending the 2018 Global Forum Camp for the first time. I applied because I thought it was a unique chance. There was a group of people according to the field of careers and I got into the medical club. Because my dream job is a nurse. So, to celebrate 1,100 years of Ganghwa Goryeo which is the theme of this camp, we combined the medicine, a topic about Goryeo, and the way of our group was to choose the subject related to the medical history and infectious diseases. I chose the infectious disease topic because I was always interested in diseases and their healing. The only infection I knew about during the Goryeo Period was smallpox. I think it's because I'm not interested in history. So I found out that there was a lot of new information. However, there was not much data on infectious diseases in the Goryeo Dynasty. Nevertheless, I have been searching hard and have found a lot of data. One of the most memorable things I've ever studied was malaria, one of the infectious diseases in the Goryeo Dynasty. I have never thought that malaria would have such a long history, but it was amazing to find out about it. After having organized the data that I researched in this way, I translated it into English. According to the historical facts, Korea's first official record on malaria was during the Goryeo Dynasty. I think it is because many difficult words came out. Whenever difficult words were coming out, I searched them in the English dictionary and translated. And for the first time in my life, I have been able to post the information I have found on the Wiki, And I think it's really interesting that someone can read my organized materials. Tomorrow, which is the last day, is the day when we have to make a presentation in English, so I got to know a lot about Goryeo while I was in camp and gained more confidence by talking with native English teachers in English. And teacher Zarina bought me a snack and I ate it deliciously! Finally, I feel hopeful that the project is completed well. I want to participate in the Global Forum camp next winter too.