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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 8

I participated in a global camp last summer. At that time, there was a shortage of things because I was not good at leading the team as Vice-Leader. So this time, I participated as the leader of the team to show my younger brothers and friends fast information, diverse ideas, and active and self-discipline. And I got involved to overcome my fear of speaking with a native teacher.

The subjects of our group were our agriculture/fishing and traditional markets. The reason why I chose this is to explain to many people about Ganghwa Island's famous specialty products, mudflats, festivals, and the windmills market, and I chose it because it looked interesting.

Before camp, I thought I knew a lot about Ganghwado Island. But I just knew a little about the specialty. I felt ashamed of it. As a result, we searched numerous times for traditional markets, specialty products, mudflats, and festivals on the Internet in Ganghwa Island, and found out why the fengmul market was so special. Pungmul market It was located near Gaegyeong, the capital of Goryeo and Hanyang, the capital of Joseon. So The main gate to the capital was the center of waterway traffic and a major military hub.Since the Goryeo Dynasty began reclamation project, repair facilities and agricultural land have developed widely. With this historical and geographical background, the market developed early on. Ganghwado-daero, which runs through Ganghwa-gun, was one of the major transportation routes in the Joseon Dynasty.However, the market has long been weakened by the influence of industrialization due to the military boundary since the Korean War.Today, it is usual recognized as a tourist destination that reminds people of the past rather than the role of the mayor.We could learn about the history of the wind market.

And I learned more about mudflats. First, I learned about the definition of mudflats. Korea's west and south coasts reveal large, flat land when the tide rises. The coastal land that appears twice a day between land and sea is called mudflats, and it is usually formed by a long accumulation of sediment on the coast, where the slope of the coast is gentle and the difference between the tide and the ebb tide is huge. The mudflats are divided into mudflats, sandy mudflats, and mixed mudflats, depending on the size of the particles of the sediment accumulated on the floor. mudflats is develop at beach of slow current of water Long ago Ganghwa Island was a group of separate islands. However, due to steady reclamation projects since the Goryeo Dynasty, it has become like the shape shown in the map above. So now the coastline of Ganghwa Island is mixed with cliffs and flat lands.

Next, I learned about the wormwood on the a lion's foot medicine ssook. Origin-The name "a lion's foot medicine ssook" is given because it looks like a lion's foot when you turn the crown leaf upside down.Since ancient times, a lion’s foot medicine ssook has grown on Ganghwa Island centering on Manisan Mountain.Recently, health-related research and development and a variety of artifacts are being made, making it a new luxury of Ganghwa. A Lion's Foot Medicine ssook grows clean unlike land. It grows with salt wind and fog because it is around the sea. So it is recorded as the most effective drug in various books. Since A Lion's Foot Medicine sook ages in the shade for more than three years, the scent of Park Ha-hyang is different from other regions. It was really interesting.

My future dream is to be a flight attendant. Through this camp, I want to inform not only about Korea but also about Ganghwa Island. I may not be able to participate in the next camp because I am in the third grade now, but I really want to participate if I can.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

Topic: Business and Trade in the Goryeo Dynasty (Gaeseong Merchant and Byeongnando Island)

The Global Forum Camp will be held from July 25th to July 27th, 2018 for two nights and three days. It is the second time to participate after last year. The reason for attending is that the ‘Global Forum Camp’ is given the opportunity to post directly to the online encyclopedia of user participation, in which anyone who writes ‘Wikipedia’ can freely write. Everyone can upload freely, but I liked the fact that I could learn things that I didn't know about from native English teachers. In groups, it was a meaningful time to select a topic, talk to the group members, talk to the teacher, and make a complete presentation. And it seems to be the appeal of the Global Forum Camp that they apply again. Our group is 'trade and management'. My dream is to be a flight attendant and I have always been interested in trade. The camp was a way of selecting topics about Goryeo in groups to mark the year 1,100 anniversary. The school also hosted an event to celebrate the 1100 Anniversary of Goryeo, so I knew a little about it. I knew about 'Byeongnando' among them. ‘Byeongnando’ is an international trading port during the Goryeo Dynasty. Since it was a trade port, many people would have come and go as well. Until then, I did not know in detail, but I found out that there are grains and ginseng in the exported products and that there are pearls, horses and spices in the imported products. And the advantages of the location of ‘Byeongnando’ are that it is easy to trade, connected to the sea route, and has the advantage of being able to deepen the water and to have a big ship. In this activity, my role has been the Vice-Leader leading the group, helping to lead the group, and I will lead the presentation as an MC. For 3 days and 2 nights, native teachers have helped me so much that I can finish it without difficulty. It is sad that I could not participate in the third grade. I will finish my best for the rest of the day, and I hope the rest of the presentation will do well.