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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

I started living on Ganghwa Island in 2015. Although I have lived here for four years now, I did not know much about Ganghwa, and I was not interested in various relics and sites around me until recently. It was ironic that I was not interested in the historical site of Ganghwa, which is called the Roofless Museum, even though I like history subject the most. However, the reason why I changed was because of the academic seminar of a club last year. Last year, 2018 was the 1,100th anniversary of Korea's founding, which led us to hold an academic seminar on the subject of the Goryeo Dynasty. In last year's academic festival, I felt a lot of connection between Goryeo and Ganghwa, and I was proud of Ganghwa, which has all the traces of history left. So I decided to participate in this 2019 Winter Global Camp because I wanted to learn more about Ganghwa island and Goryeo.

Prior to the camp, I knew only intelligently how Ganghwado played a role in the Goryeo Dynasty, but as I participated in Team 1 (Ganghwa and Goryeo) and prepared the presentation, I was able to focus on the history of Ganghwado. During the three days of the global camp, I learned more about the history of Ganghwado and Goryeo. For example, I noticed the shortcomings of moving to Ganghwado. I only learned the merits of Ganghwa Island in my school history class, and I never thought about the disadvantages of transfering the capital to Ganghwa Island. The transfering of the capital to Ganghwa Island was inconvenient as it was during the rainy season and many people. And I found that the sudden increase in housing in Ganghwa increased the risk of fire. Through this, I can understand history from the people's point of view.

I researched the subject, background, and advantage of moving to Ganghwa Island in our team 1 and wrote it on Wikipedia. Ganghwa Island was the capital of the Goryeo Dynasty from 1232 to 1270. When Mongolia invaded, the Goryeo Dynasty's Gojong and Choi's atheists moved the capital to Ganghwa Island and fought for 38 years. Moving a nation's capital because of an invasion is a rare case, so Ganghwa has a big significance.

Ganghwa Island has a historical significance as it is a place where, as the capital, we can understand the central culture of Goryeo. Although it was a short period , at a time when it is difficult for us to access Kaesong, the center of Goryeo culture, we can see it here in Ganghwa. The reason why Ganghwa Island became the capital of Goryeo was because it was a geographical center. Ganghwa Island is close to land, also it has been greatly affected by the tidal wave and tidal currents. And close to the opening, it was convenient to connect and transport with the local area. It was also selected as a island area that could take advantage of the weakness of the Mongolian army. I felt ashamed of the fact that I did not recognize the historical significance of Ganghwa, the capital of Goryeo.

During this global camp, I reflect on my past years when I lived in Ganghwa but didn't really care about the history of Ganghwa, and gained much more knowledge. Moreover, I was proud of Ganghwa when I found out that the historical site of Goryeo, mostly in North Korea, is located in Ganghwa Island, where I live. With the pride of Ganghwa Island, I wrote with responsibility as I did my best to post our findings on the media Wiki. I hope many people around the world will learn about the history of Ganghwado and Goryeo through our writing. Just as I learned a lot from this camp, it was a very meaningful activity for me because other people can also know about Ganghwa and Goryeo for the first time after reading our writing.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

2018 Global Forum Camp Essay Writing

Topic: The measures for Unified Korea based on the diplomacy and the internal policy in Goryeo Dynasty

Team: 5

This is the logo of the Gangwha girl's high school.

This is Lee, participating in the Global Camp of Ganghwa Girls’ High School in 2018. I entered Ganghwa Girls' High School this year and am participating in a global camp for the first time. Ganghwa girl's high school global issues forum in 2018 is an event held in schools to develop dreams and talents and to provide opportunities for students to grow into a global leader with creativity and character. It plans to post student’s writing on Wikipedia about Goryeo dynasty’s masterpiece like history, foreign policy, art, education, trade, science and technology, literature to celebrate 1,100th years of the foundation of Goryeo. This year's camp will last for three days from July 25 to July 27.

It is a portrait of Taejo Wang Gun.

The Global Camp at Ganghwa Girls' High School is sponsored by the Academy of Korean Studies. So we can have the advantage of more systematic camps and native English teachers. I live in the area called Ganghwa, an island in Incheon, in Korea and have little chance to meet and study native English teachers in Ganghwa. So I apply global issues forum in 2018, because I thought that I can enhance my english speaking ability by speaking with native teachers through this global camp. And this year is the 1,100th year anniversary of Goryeo, and Ganghwa Island, the region where I live, has become the capital of Goryeo under the authoritarian regime, so it has a strong connection with Goryeo, thus I am interested in the topic. I attend Political diplomacy team in the global camp on the subject of the measures for Unified Korea on the basis and the interactive policy in Goryeo Dynasty.

I have chosen politics, the subject most closely associated with my future career prosecutor, to join the political and diplomatic team. Since my dream is being a prosecutor I should be familiar with politics, and my exploration of politics through this camp could be helpful when I became a prosecutor in the future. The reason why our team chose the measures for Unified Korea based on the diplomacy and the internal policy in Goryeo Dynasty into the topic is that we think it was more meaningful to explore a topic that could be linked to current society than just passing on information about politics and diplomacy from the Goryeo Dynasty.

Prior to this camp, I knew about Taejo Wang Gun's diplomacy and politics under the theme of The measures for Unified Korea based on the digital policy and the internal policy in Guryeo Dynasty. I was a member of R&E as an official club. A few days ago, I participated in the 110-year anniversary of Goryeo Dynasty under the theme ' the proposal of system of unified society based on the policy of Taejo Wang Gun of the Goryeo Dynasty ' so I know Taejo Wang Gun's foreign policies and domestic policies such as public sentiment policy, local inspector general policy and the bestowal of name system. Also, in our school, we learned Korean history, I know Gwangjong's policies such as Civil Service Examination, the slave review law, and King Sungjong's policies regarding Article 28.

This shows that the civil service examination, which was implemented by Gwangjong.

After, I wrote the measures for Unified Korea based on the diplomacy and the internal policy in Goryeo Dynasty I learned the fact that King Gwangjong named the capital ‘Gae-kyeong’ into ‘Hwangdo’ and he used the name of reign period ‘Gwangdeok’ to promote diplomatic relations with the North song, and Wang Gun wrote a friendly policy for Silla, and that he used a double-faced policy for the Hubaekje.

In the political and diplomatic team, I was a vice leader, and wrote the internal policies of Taejo Wang Gun and Gwangjong. And I reviewed the contents of King Taejo, Gwangjong, and SeongJong and modified partially. I also provided the idea to come up with a theme now when choosing a topic and translated Kwang-jong's domestic policy into English. I hope my English ability will improve through this global camp, and through the process of researching and studying about a topic like this, my thought ability, writing skill, and background are developed more. Participating in the global camp was a meaningful experience to have an opportunity to explore Goryeo in a deeper way. I will definitely participate in the next global camp.