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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 10

I am not usually good at English. So I avoided English and hated it. Last summer, global camps did not participate for this reason. However, when I heard that we are going to have a global camp this winter, I thought that I want to shake off my negative thoughts about English And I wanted to improve my English speaking ability by talking to a foreigner. also do a global camp during a definite after-school period. So I decided to apply for the camp because I felt that there was no reason to worry about it anymore. I had to choose a topic after the application, so when I set a topic, I chose the subject in consideration of my wish and career hopes. The department I want to go is psychology. Also, I want to be a counselor in the future. These two things deal with people. And because it's the study of people, I wanted to study the life of the historical character of Ganghwa And I wanted to explore the small events of his life. Also, I have lived in Ganghwa for four years, but I still did not know much about the history or geography of Ganghwa. So I wanted to explore the history and historical sites of Ganghwa through this camp. Before the camp, the club's presentation covered a lot of things about Lee Gyu-bo. So I knew a little bit about Lee Gyu-bo's life. Also, the textbook covers stories such as Yang Heon-soo, General Eo Jae-yeon, and the war on Byeongin Yangyo and shinmi yangyo. So I knew briefly about the place and the progress of the war As mentioned above, I knew briefly about Lee Gyu-bo life and so on. However, I learned about Lee Gyu-bo life in detail at the camp and learned about Ganghwado-related history such as the geographical location of the tomb. also learned more about Jungjoksanseong Fortress and Gwangseongbo, where Yang Heon-soo and Eo Jae-Yeon Byeongin yangyo and ShinMi yangyo were do. First, I got to know the life history of the characters along with a small anecdote. also learned that General Eo Jae-Yeon participated in two wars, Byeongin yangyo and ShinMi yangyo. This fact is so surprising, so amazing and so funny. And I had a very meaningful and enjoyable time to learn about other names of Jungjoksanseong Fortress, history stories about it, history stories about Gwangseongbo. I was a team leader on the team. Working as a team leader, the team found information about the Eo Jae-Yeon when they edited the materials to post the wiki. Then I summarized the information. includes the contents of the Byeongin yangyo and the ShinMi yangyo to explore the contents of Eo Jae-Yeon and Yang Heon-soo. So, I found information about Byeongin yangyo and ShinMi yangyo and summarized them. also translated what I posted to "wiki" about the Byeongin yangyo. And I gave an idea when I was in a meeting on the presentation. And I worked to get box and make props for the presentation.