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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 8

The topic of this Winter Global Camp is Gangwha’s Cultural and Natural Heritage. I could’t join last summer global camp, but fortunately, I could join this time. Because we don’t have many opportunities to communicate with foreign people, I couldn’t miss this significant chance. I wanted to make a special experience by joining this camp and learn with foreign teachers.

Our team’s topic was Agriculture/ Fishing Industries and Traditional Markets. Actually, I don’t know well about Gangwha. That’s why I chose this topic. I’ve learned enough about Gangwha’s history and artifacts last year when we had Goryeo’s 1100th birth anniversary festival. I wanted to know about Gangwha’s foods, markets, and other interesting things. It was my first time visiting Gangwha when I came to enter Gangwha Girls’ High School. In fact, I’ve never been Gangwha for traveling. I was glad that I could know more about Gangwha.

I didn’t know a lot about our topic before the camp, so I had no idea what to talk about when we were sharing ideas. I still regret if I knew well about the topic, I would join more actively. So after the big outline was made, I tried hard to participate more. Anyway, I’m a student of school in Gangwha. I know a few things such as Gangwha has a festival called “Salted Shrimp Festival” and “Goryeo Ginseng Festival” or Gangwha’s special products like turnips, yellow sweet potatoes, and salted shrimps. But I didn’t know that long ago Ganghwa Island was a group of separate islands and has been working on reclamation projects since the Goryeo Dynasty. It was really surprising that it had been continued for 800 years.

I’ve got a chance to be a vice leader of our team. Thanks to our team, they followed me and our leader very well. I really tried to do my best by talking more with teacher than other friends and tried to give more ideas. I think it was wonderful experience to participate in global camp. I feel thankful to our teacher and team. If I join global camp next time, I want to do more better than this time not to regret. Everything was great except for one little thing. I hope next time, the topics were more various. If there’s more topics about natural sciences, it would be perfect. I think the number of natural sciences’ topic was too little. Except for this, everything was interesting and good. I really want to join again the next camp too.