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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 4

Global Camp helps to learn broad academic Knowledge

Global Camp helps to learn broad academic Knowledge

It was my second time to participate in Global Issues Forum Camp also it was my last camp. That's why I really wanted to investigate Ganghwa society at this global camp. I am very interested in sociology, so I explored women's human rights in my first camp. After attending my first camp, I was greatly influenced by the global camp and persuaded my friends to participate in the global camp. My friends asked me. Why on earth do you recommend this camp? I said, while participating in the global camp, I was able to learn more about my interests by discussing with foreign teachers and exploring more widely with them. As I learned deeply about my favorite field, I could see myself actively participating in the camp without knowing it. I did not do well in my first camp , but my knowledge and experience were able to grow. And this is why I recommended global camp to my friends and I also participated again.

At this global camp, we did research on Shamanism and Shamanistic rituals and tried to find out the connection between the Ganghwa and the Dangun Wanggeom , the nation's first shaman. I am not only expanding my knowledge of shamanism but also looking for new approaches to develop relations with other friends and native English teachers. During the camp we did discussion on different topics, which is not possible during school hours. This camps help me to develop many skills, such as how to do research in a group.

A Reason Why We Choose The Topic of A Shaman

Our team's topic is Society and Culture of Ganghwa in the Modern Period. And we chose to work on Shamanism in Ganghwa. Such as What is the relationship between shamanism and Ganghwado? From now on, I will explain the link between shamanism and Ganghwa society. To explain this, we have to go back to ancient Korea. Gojoseon is the first ancient country in Korean history. And the King of Gojoseon, Dangun, is the mythical founder of the Korean people. His name, "Dan-gun," means shaman, and "Wang-geom" means king. In other words, the founder of the Korean shamanism is the Dangun Wanggeom, and in the shamanistic faith, the Dangun is regarded as a God. And surprisingly, the place where King Dangun performed ancestral rites to heaven is Manisan Mountain in Ganghwa. In other words, Ganghwa was the place where the Dangun Wanggeom, the origin of the Korean shaman, performed ancestral rites. This is the connection between the Shamanism and Ganghwado.

My Role In The Team

I played the role of vice leader of the team at this global camp. I think the most important ability for a team leader and a vice leader to have is to promote the team. I need to help my team member and encourage them to move in the right direction, when discussing topics with their team, when giving presentations, and even when the team is struggling. Ken Blichard, the author, said this. "The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority." I totally agree with this remark. I have tried to help my team members with my team leader at this global camp, and the team members who have seen this effort were also encouraged and actively participated in the program. Through this experience, I realized that the leader's influence greatly helped the team and tried to give a good impact on the team.

A Deep Study of Shamanism

1.A Change in Social Perception of Shamanism

<Shamans' suppression and reduction of roles>

The tax was collected in the name of rooting out shamanism, but the tax was used to pay for the operation of the government, which resulted in the recognition of shamanism as a profession. The nation said it would root out the problem, but on the other hand it acknowledged and made official. Also, most of the tax payers are women, and the tax levies on women were exceptional. This led to argument that the tax should be abolished and the suspension of the collection of taxes on a shaman temporarily, but soon it's been resumed. Also, it was not easy to abolish them because the discretion of the local government was allowed to pay taxes, and it seemed to get worse. With the continued suppression of shamanism, the role of shamanism has been greatly reduced. The tradition of presiding over the rite at the national level was abolished, and the rite in the form of a festival, including the Emperor's rite, was prescribed and stopped. Soon, the role of a shaman at the national or institutional level disappeared. In addition, as the suppression continued, shaman demoralizing custom became fixation, weakening the shaman's status and reducing its role.

2.A Reason why most of the Shamans are female?

A traditional Korean shamanism, the shaman, has a maternal succession .There is a male shaman, but we often call it baksu are only two types of applause: Kang Shin-moo, who joined the army through a recruit from north-eastern part of the central region, and Kang Shin-moo, who studied the scriptures and horoscopes of the southern region. The male shaman's applause is the absence of hereditary duties. The main reason the shaman's surname was female was because both were located at the periphery of society.

While reading information hidden in the soul beyond is the role of the shaman's own spirit ,and it is necessary to interpret the information and deliver it to the customer. A shaman who worries her clients as if their business were his own will also receive more debt. In physiology, mirror neurons dominate human empathy. Mirror neurons are special nerve cells found in the brain of primates such as humans, and they make me feel like I've never experienced anything before. These mirror neurons are also used as marketing tools because they enable the formation of empathy among members of society. PPL, which can be easily seen on TV, is one example. Mirror neuron's ability to relate to this is said to be more than for men. That's why women are more likely to express their feelings than men while watching sad movies. That's why there are so many more female shamans than male shamans.

Other Studies - Culture of Ganghwa


First there are various festival in Ganghwa. There are Ganghwa Wind Orchestra, Salted shrimp Festival and Goryeo mountain Azalea Festival in Ganghwa .And these festivals are very famous so there are many people who come outside to enjoy the festival.

  1. Ganghwa Wind Orchestra
  2. Salted shrimp Festival
  3. Goryeo mountain Azalea Festival

Well-known Local Products

Second there are well-known local products in Ganghwa. There are Saminmakgeolli, Hwamunseuk and Sun bat Song in Ganghwa. Those are only Gagnhwa's traditional products.

  1. The Saminmakgeolli
  2. The Hwamunseuk
  3. The Sun bat Song