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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

I perticipated Gangwha Girls High School's witer global camp. Though I did this last year, the reason why I applicated for this camp is that I wanted to approve my english skill bacause of my dream job, english traslator, and it is useful to study and research our island Ganghwa. Moreover, I thought it would be a good experience to make a conversation with teachers, who use english well. Our team's topic was 'Ganghwa and Goryeo'. Comparing with other teams, it was not easy to choose the main idea to use at presentation time in the last day. And beacause of the age and my character, it was so difficult to talk with our team mates and teacher. I talked so many times to myself to say my opinion in english, but still, it wasn't easy to open my mouth but just looking at them. But though I didn't talk too much, as the time passes, I could say quite much with my teacher during editing time. It is still unsatisfying that I could say much more, but thinking the first time with my team, I think my english skill and character is changed pretty well. And researching the topic 'Ganghwa and Goryeo', I had meaningful time of knowing Goryeo dynasty's moving and the exact story of it and Gangwha's geographical advantages of that time. And beacause my teacher was an expert of Gangwha, I had a chance to know about Gangwha island's city wall through Google Earth, and story between Goryeo dynasty and Mongol's king after the war, which is not well known among people. Thinking of my common knownledge about Ganghwa before this camp, it was a meaningful development. And not only knowing Gangwha's history but also my english speaking skill and writing skill is approved. I learned some words and experssions like 'shin' 'bogging down',and 'knee deep'. Because Korea's english text books don't have this natural expressions, it was very meanigful for me. For I am a 3rd grade student who is not qualified to participate next year's global camp, I can't see teachers next year in dormitory. it will remain in my student memory and my english life.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

In an activity comparing education in the Goryeo Dynasty with modern education, I investigated modern educational policies at this global issue forum camp. As far as my role goes, I researched and analyzed the current data on higher education at various sites and learned more about the policies.

Also, my translation of what I have found gave me an opportunity to improve my English skills and to increase my interest in English as a person who is usually interested in English. Before coming to this camp, I thought Wikipedia was just a site with a lot of information, but with the help of many friends and teachers, I could also learn about simple coding.

Actually I was not much interested in history, but I was able to learn about history by analyzing various data and making more in-depth research. And I prepared a play for presentation time on the last day. My role was to express opinions and write scripts. I'm not used to write the script too much, so I felt burdened and worried. But, through writing a script, I got an attitute to participate in team activities, was able to improve my writing skills, and I was able to learn the natural writing method required for the script.

Also, I understood policies more thoroughly as a student of South Korea, a descendant of the Goryo people, and how to view them in light of the current educational situation. Through this activity, I was able to develop a critical view of education and think about how to overcome the current educational situation from the historical point of view. Last year, I was not in this camp, so I was a little nervous and not sure about what I should start with, but I got to know a lot of things by learning more information than I expected. In conclusion I would like to say that I am thinking about how to apply the knowledge I got during this camp.