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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 4

the motive for joining the camp

I am a native Ganghwa resident who has lived in Ganghwa for 19 years. However, I do not say that I know all about Ganghwa with confidence. History, culture, society, etc. of Ganghwa is all that I do not know. So I wanted to know more about Ganghwa, and when someone asked me about Ganghwado, I wanted to answer with confidence. I also wanted to be more proud of Ganghwado Island, which I live on. In order to do so, I thought it was important to know about Ganghwado Island well. So, I will participate in this 2019 winter global camp. I wanted to take this opportunity to learn more about Ganghwado Island.

The reason why I chose Ganghwa Island as the subject of social culture.

I chose the theme of modern Ganghwa Island social culture. The meaning of society is a group of people who share religion, value, norms, language, and culture in the territory where the boundaries are set, and maintain order and reproduce their support through sexual relations. I wondered how people lived in Ganghwado Island. And the meaning of culture is the product of the physical and mental processes in which an individual or a group of people in a society has changed nature. I wondered how people in Ganghwado Island had changed the island. In doing so, I chose the topic of modern strengthening social culture.

What I learned from the camp

Our group examined the themes of shamanism and why there are many female shamans, the specialty products of Ganghwado Island and the festival of Ganghwado. Originally, modern Ganghwa Island was the subject of social culture, but as we investigated it gradually, the scope of modern Ganghwa Island was widened into a social culture. So, there are a few new things that we learned from studying the familiar specialty products and festivals around us. First of all, Ganghwado Island's famous specialties are its sweet potato, turnips, and lion's paw. However, we have come to investigate hidden specialties that people don't know much about, rather than those famous and natural products. It is ginseng Makgeolli that I learned so much. I knew that ginseng was famous in Ganghwado Island, but I didn't know it was this famous.

For the team I've done.

I was in charge of researching Ganghwado Island's specialty products. Ganghwado Island's specialty products include Soknolan gugama, turnips, and lion's feet and so on, but the special products we chose are ginseng makgeolli, hwamunseok and seonbae song. I thought it would be easy to search, but I was disappointed that there wasn't so much information. In the future, it would be nice to have a time when the search for Ganghwado Island will list the special products.

My dream and Global Camp

This opportunity provided an opportunity to investigate the society and culture of Ganghwado Island. My dream is to be an entertainment producer and if I become a broadcasting producer, I would like to make a healing entertainment program similar to the Jtbc entertainment program "Holyne Minbak." As such, Ganghwado Island has a long history and diverse culture. Also, Ganghwado Island was selected as a tourist city last year and is gradually developing. If tourists come to Ganghwado Island, I want to introduce Ganghwado someday. Of course, knowledge of Ganghwado Island is still far from sufficient, but I will definitely master it someday. It was a very precious and valuable time for me who had nothing to do during winter vacation.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

This time our school organized one lecture to celebrate 1100 years of Goryeo. However I did not understand the lecture because I have not been studying Korean history for a long time, because of my interest in Science courses.

So I was ashamed of myself for being ignorant of history, and I wanted to know about history. And because I live in Ganghwa Island, which is closely connected with the Goryeo Dynasty, I thought I should know more about the history of Goryeo. Also, I really wanted to participate this opportunity because I never participated in the global camp when I was in the first grade, and because the theme of this global camp was related to the 1,100 years of Goryeo. And I joined the global camp because I want to research more about my favorite field.

I chose the theme ' Goryeo and Women. Because of 'Gangnam station murder' and 'Hyehwa Station protest' got interested in feminism. Women have been living under physical and mental oppression for a long time and that is a problem. A lot of people wanted to know the meaning of feminism but sometimes people think differently. But feminism is never a sport that doesn't become harmful to society. Key to the women's rights and equal opportunities in the definition of feminism in which encompasses the various forms of social and political movements and theories. Society's wrong structure and perception of women will surely change. Therefore, I also chose this topic to help promote women's rights. Also, my dream is broadcasting PDAs and I want to change these social conflicts and people's perception by broadcasting. I want to solve our social problems by correcting them and broadcasting the right ones. I had no idea of the lives of women from the Goryeo and Joseon periods. During the Joseon Dynasty, women would not have dreamed of entering society, and I knew only that they had to follow their husbands. Also, it is really hard to find a woman among great men in history books. Therefore, no matter how talented women were, they could not spread their talents. Also, there would be no freedom for women because of serious discrimination between men and women. Based on this topic, the data revealed a new look of women from the Goryeo Dynasty. Surprisingly, during the Goryeo Dynasty, women had the same status as men. She was guaranteed free time to ride horses when she went out. In the Goryeo Dynasty, it was common for men to be married and women to marry again freely. In addition, they did not discriminate against their sons or daughters by birth order when they were listed in their family tree. In the Joseon Dynasty, women were not allowed to freely act outside and have limited knowledge. After her marriage, she had to go into her in-laws ' family and live with them. Even the son of a married woman forced loyalty from a woman by banning her from entering government service. When comparing Goryeo and Joseon, Confucianism played a very repressive function for women. Although women from Goryeo had an advantage over women from the Joseon Dynasty, that does not mean that the status of women from Goryeo was high. Pre-modern women had no operational scope but their homes. In this respect, we can see that the status of women in modern society has risen considerably compared to that of women in the past. But that doesn't mean that women's human rights are guaranteed at the moment. Through this activity, it was possible to know and compare the women of Goryeo and Joseon periods with the women of today.

As an assistant leader of Team 3, I researched the lives of women during the Joseon Dynasty and translated the status of women during the Joseon Dynasty.

I will be interested in human rights through this global camp and through this research, Furthermore, I hope that those who read this study will realize the link between human ethics and history, and combine it with reality to learn about the human rights abuses committed around us.