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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 1

The global camp is a step toward the world.

Global camp was a happy experience for me. The reason why I joined the global camp was the recommendation of my friend. I did not apply on purpose because I was worried that school classes during the vacation overlapped with the global camp. But thanks to her, I thought about my dream once again. My dream was to be a dream that can be unfolded in the world, and when asked what activities do you do in the global camp, my friend explained in detail. I thought, 'Oh, I want to join the global camp,' and I belatedly applied for the global camp. I had great expectations because of my new friends, my seniors, and my new native teacher. And seeing the profile of Kakao Talk by a native teacher, I thought that I would like to meet him as soon as possible.

In fact, I wasn't there when they formed a group of global camps and set the subject. That's because I submitted an application after everything was set up. I thought the theme of our group ‘Ganghwa and Goryeo’ was good. Ganghwa was the capital of Goryeo, and it occurred to me that Ganghwa and Goryeo were closely related.

I knew that Ganghwa I lived in had great historical value. I also knew that Ganghwa was the capital of Goryeo because I have learned about it since I was an elementary school student. I once imagined that the king and the people of Ganghwa lived during the Goryeo Dynasty.

Our group chose a small title from the big title 'Ganghwa and Goryeo'. The small title was ‘transfer of the capital’. Before the camp, I knew about Ganghwa and Goryeo, but I had never thought about one topic, transfer of the capital. Our team thought about many things, including why we had to transfer from Gaegyeong to Ganghwa, the people who were sacrificed in the process, and the people who had to work. I enjoyed discussing it with my staff and listening to the advice of the native English teacher.

First, I played the role of investigating the background of Ganghwa Island. I translated it and put it on the wiki. Second, my role was to find photos and background music for the PPT. In order to produce a scene where people move to Ganghwa on a rainy day, a realistic sound of rain was found, and a knife was used for a scene where a servant died. But there was a background music that didn't come out properly during the presentation, so I was really sad. Lastly, I think my biggest role was 'speaker'. Of course, the team led the meeting by the team leader and the vice leader. But I think I said the most when I was making friends, having dinner with a native teacher, and eating pizza together. I asked only a few questions to my native teacher. I think I tried to say anything because I got more confidence because everyone know that I am not good at English.

When my native teacher asked me what my dream was, I answered 'World Peace.' I want to learn the world. It is good to explore Korean history at the global camp, but I think it would be good to explore the subject of a foreign country.

I'm glad that I had a meaningful experience through this global camp.