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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 5

Summer vacation and winter vacation, I participated in the Global Forum Camp. I chose this subject to know the human rights violations that occurred during the colonial period. Our group combined the press and human rights fields with the subject of 'Human Rights and Media Turning the Colonial Period' and researched each other's interests. I investigated the military police system and the ban on using Korean language. I searched various sites such as 'Our History Net' and so on, and I searched the newspapers of that time because of more correct evidence. I learned more about historical facts through research. Also With the help of my teacher, I was able to improve my English by translating into English and upload it on ‘Wiki’. When I set up a announcement prepare with my team members, I talked about various ideas, and I felt a sense of accomplishment when I coordinated team opinions. By writing the announcement script, I could understand the topic accurately, and not only the human rights and also the media field became interested. On the last day, it was good to learn about Ganghwa and other areas by listening to presentations from other groups. I was also satisfied with the opportunity to inform our topic other friends. By participating in two global camps out of my freshman year, I was able to grow history, English and career. I was also able to raise my follower ship by doing group activities.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

When I heard that global camp opens during this summer vacation, I applied right away. The reason was because I wanted to develop my poor English skills into activities with native English teachers and I thought it was a special and good opportunity to connect my career with Goryeo. This global camp had a variety of fields. I chose society field because my dream is to become a human rights lawyer, so I chose the field of society to expand my knowledge of the society in the history of Goryeo and discover the cases of human rights abuses within it.

When we first chose society, the theme was women's rights. I did not choose the subject of women's rights because I had already studied about it and knew it well enough to explain to others.I like learning and knowing new things, so I have chosen the topic 'the difference in quality between the lives of the people and the military people during the period of the military rule'. I have learned about the period of the military rule in Korean history class. While studying for the test, I wondered how difficult was life for the people and I wanted to learn more about the topic. Luckily, it was good to find information and to know the contents about this topic at this global camp.

I was in charge of the life of the military people during Choe U's reign and the life of Ganghwa Island people and the mainland people. History was written around the lives of the ruling class, so it was difficult to find the data, but I was able to find the data by searching 'our history net', research paper, and other sites. After that, based on the data I found, I analyzed how and what human rights were violated. After researching and analyzing the data, I thought the lives of the people are similar to today due to the corruption of the military. As you can see from the days of the military rule, it is the weak whose rights are being violated by those who are more powerful.

I once again pledged to protect the human rights of these weak and to be on the side of the weak. Then I shared the presentation orders and ideas with my team and wrote the beginning of the script. And the fact that I have to write in English to the humanities information wiki was very confusing, but it was possible to translate into English with the help of my friends and teachers.

Writing this essay in English also helped me to grow my confidence in English. Through this camp, I can that I will overcome my fear of English and learn more about human rights in a broader way. I am grateful for this camp, which has greatly helped my growth, and can say that it is a choice that I never regret.In the next English camp, I will come back with much improved English skills.

My Contribution

Analysis of Goryeo*Ganghwa Data

Situation of Moving the Capital to Ganghwa Island

Finally, when transfer of the capital, the rain continued for ten days and even his shins fell into the mud. The man and the horse fell down. Women in government offices and good families also took off their shoes. There were countless people crying and losing road.[1] Unlike the rulers who fled to Ganghwa Island, ordinary people were forced to suffer and suffer pain. Because the military rule gave an order but did not come up with countermeasures.[2]

Choe U's luxurious life

Since the transfer of power, the Choe administration has relied on the geographical advantages of Ganghwado rather than providing active resistance to the war. So they enjoyed the same luxury and staying in office. This is why it is assessed that the transfer of the capital was only aimed at defending its regime and guaranteeing the safety of some ruling groups, rather than tactical values or diplomatic effects.[3]

The economic life of the people

The tyranny of the military rule shows the people's weary lives.[4]

The situation of the mainland and the situation of Goryeo a middle subject

The Choe administration has never fought against the Mongolian military in a grand dream struggle, and has only postponed its surrender on Ganghwa Island indefinitely. Rather, they brought various trees to Ganghwa Island, where they formed a wide circle of trees, built large houses, and enjoyed the scenery. Choe and the military rule did not care whether the people were captured and killed or stolen by the Mongol army.[5]

The tyranny of Goryeo a middle subject and the uprising of the people

The tyranny of the military rule & Political chaos

The tyranny of the military rule to take power made the country's politics difficult.The military rule illegally robbed the people land and collected more taxes than they had set.

The tyranny of local government

Local governments raised taxes on the land to satisfy their greed, making life more difficult for the people.[6]

The military people could not stand discrimination. So they revolted. The people and the soldiers who could not stand the luxury and tyranny of the nobles rose up in revolt. People and soldiers were unhappy with identity discrimination.[7] The military rule had soldiers because of maintain power. They needed more land and more grain to stay in the military. People had to suffer and live a tough life. The uprising of the people and the soldiers took place frequently under the military regime.[8]

Goryeo was invaded seven times over 30 years by Mongols. The Choe administration continued to live a luxurious life in Ganghwa. On the other hand, people who were abandoned on land suffered all kinds of hardships and the land was devastated. According to Goryeosa Jeolyo (고려 사절요), about 206,800 people were taken to Mongolia as prisoners during the fifth invasion and many lives were killed. Then the tax burden began. However, Goryeosa Jeolyo says the people waited for the Mongol army to come, as they collected too much tax.[9]


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