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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 4

I participated in the first grade summer vacation global camp and the second grade global camp. At that time, I felt that global camp was really hard even though it was really good because my English ability improved a lot in a short period of time. So I thought about whether or not to apply for a camp. But this camp was my last one because I am now in third grade. So I participated in the global camp with the idea of 'let's do it right one more time.'

My group prepared a presentation on Ganghwa's culture and society. I researched the festival of Ganghwa, organized the research and translated it into English., and wrote a play script with a few friends. At first, I had so much to do that I was really at a loss. In particular, the lack of information on the festival of Ganghwa made it very difficult to research the data. However, as I found information with my friends and shared it with each other, I was able to collect information that I needed more and more. At the last global camp, there were only two members, including me. So, each one had too much work to do and even though we prepared to help each other prepare for the presentation, it was too hard. This time, however, there were many members, so we worked together whenever there were difficulties, so everything went fast. So I was very grateful to my friends, and when I was helpful to my friends, I felt rewarded.

Although my group didn't win the prize, I was really pleased that the team worked together and made a good presentation. I was able to improve my English skill a lot by doing a total of 3 global camps during my 1st and 2nd grade. And I learned not only English but also how to do something together not alone. Especially, I learned more and felt more rewarding than last time at this camp, which was my last global camp.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

I am a sophomore in high school. After I got my report card for the first semester, I felt that my English skill was too poor. So I joined the global camp which lasts for three days and two nights. My dream is to be a movie director and make various movies. I chose the theme as "Gamubeakui" which is a part of the Goryeo Dynasty's Performing arts. The reason for choosing theme the Performing arts of Goryeo Dynasty was to commemorate 1,100 years of the Goryeo's National foundation Day.

I knew a lot about modern performing arts. However, I knew very little about the performing arts of Goryeo. In addition, my group had first grade, Seoyoung and I, only two member. I and Saeyoung had to do what 7 or 10 people doing in the other groups. I did not know what to do and since I was the leader, I felt a lot of pressure. But I thought nothing would be solved if I keep worrying like that. So we divided the table of contents to find out how to describe "Gamubeakui " and did research on our respective fields. During the investigation, we helped each other whenever there was a difficult part. At first, I was worried that Se-young would be uncomfortable with me, her senior. However, as we were doing the data research and helping each other, I felt relieved and thankful because I felt that Saeyoung was not uncomfortable. With such cooperation, the work was progressing faster even though it was much less than the others. And as number of people was less, we felt more responsible and did our work harder.

I knew very little about Gamubeakui, but I knew many things from our research. First, I found out about the Palgwanhoe and the lantern festival, which served the Buddha and became an important state rite, the custom of various kinds of singing and dancing was formed during the Goryeo Dynasty. Second, I learnt that the biggest events of Goryeo's, two of the nine major holidays were lantern celebration held on the 15th of the first lunar month and Palgwanhoe that was held on the eleventh lunar month. Third, i discovered that Gamubeakui was divided into HyangakJungjae and Dangakjangjae. Here, HyangakJungjae is a korean traditional royal court performance of Goryeo Dynasty. And Dangakjangjae is a royal performance accompanied with chinese music.

The most interesting part was "Pogurak". Pogurak is a game of throwing a ball through a hole in the door. We decided to announce "Pogurak" with as a short play. I hope my friends and teachers would enjoy and laugh a lot. I think this global camp will help me later become a movie director and make or evaluate movies. Also, although it was a short period of time, I think my English listening skills has improved a little.