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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 4

I wanted to experience camp that I did not try last year, and I had confidence in English, but I wanted to test myself, which was hard when I met a foreigner. I felt I could overcome the fear by talking with foreigners on one topic while speaking English. So. I joined the camp to overcome it. Our group was the biggest framework and aim in the field of social culture. So. we chose this topic to let people know about the well-known specialty products or cultures. Thinking about the culture of Ganghwa, we chose this topic to let people know why there are only female shamans and why their presence has declined. Azalea and salted shrimp the festival, pride of Ganghwa and the main cause of traffic jams,  the only orchestra in Ganghwa I knew, the Wind Orchestra, and the Hwamunseuk that I had experience making as a child.The mirror neurons in the human brain control human empathy and allow me to feel what I have never felt before.These neurons are also used as marketing strategies among members of society, and we found that there are more women than men, so there are more women than men. A lamentable note, Firewood Boat Song and why it is disappeared As the land were developed after the Japanese occupation. My part of the team was in charge of investigating Ganghwa's specialty products. He thought deeply about how to introduce a suitable and useful product to a given topic. After this camp, I want to study more about the traditional songs of Ganghwa. And I think I can express songs, well if I understand the song’s background .