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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 8

Korean students have learned English since they were very young. I have been learning English since I was in elementary school, and I started to learn English late than the current elementary school students. So, I have been English for quite a long time. But I hardly had time to talk with foreigner in English. In elementary school There were a teacher from America, but we talked more in Korean because we were young. So I think that I can talk with teacher in English more and have a good time by joining this camp.

I have lived in Ganghwa since I was first grade in elementary school. And I think that I already knew many things about Ganghwa. So I felt very easy the Global camp's topic about Ganghwa. I chose the topic about Ganghwa's various foods. While I chose this topic, I think I already knew about this topic. It is expected to investigate Ganghwa's special products such as turnips, ginseng, salted shrimp, and sweet potatoes, or world-famous mudflats. I was aware of these special products. There are many festivals, and programs in the festivals about Ganghwa's special products. But I’m not interested them, Because I've heard a lot about them already.

But I researched about the topic, There were a lot of things I didn’t know. I learned about festivals that I didn’t know existed and what I could do at the festivals. I also learned why Ganghwa mudflats are special. And I felt that I knew very little about Ganghwa, the place where I live. I thought I knew a lot about Ganghwa. I investigated the Ganghwa Ginseng Festival and edited a video for our PPT. I usually wanted to learn how to edit video clips, but I had time to edit it myself. What was disappointing was our lack of preparation for the presentation. It was my first camp, so I was very immature but it was a time to learn many things. I really want to participate in the next camp! And thanks to Sally teacher who kindly helped our team and took care of us.

The things I researched

Goryeo Ginseng was cultivated since Gojong of Goryeo(1231) But it started to be cultivated in 1953 by people who came to seek refugee in Ganghwa after the outbreak of the Korean War. They lived Ganghwa and started cultivating Goryeo Ginseng. After 1957, GaeSeong Sameop association was formed and Ginseng cultivation has expanded and Gangwha Ginseng has become indigenous products. Gangwha has an oceanic climate and surrounded by the sea on the four sides. That is why Gangwha is not affected by high temperature. So Ganghwa is a good place for growing Ginseng because the soil is suitable for growing Ginseng. Goryeo Ginseng festival was first held in 2013 to restore Goryeo Ginseng fame and prosperity of Ginseng farmers. This festival is held on every October at Ganghwa Dolmen square. The program includes selling 6-old-year Ginseng, Ginseng experience, Ginseng auction, various cultural and artistic performances.Goryeo Ginseng festival authenticate quality of 6-year-old Ganghwa Ginseng and the best conditions that consumers can trust and buy.