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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 8

I have attended camp last summer and this summer. Participating in the camp i did not get nice performance. However, I was able to gain a lot of information from participating in the camp. Also, the topic is related with history so i learned a lot about a historical fact. This was my last chance to join this camp, so I participated because I wanted to get good results with my team members and teacher, sally.

Since this time is last time to I participated in the camp, I wanted to choose a topic that I really wanted and not related to my dream. I thought the topic "Architecture/Fishing Industries and Tradition Markets" was a little bit treat easily and I think i will prepare presentation a lot of fun with my team. Also I am living in Ganghwa for 18 years, so i wanted to share a lot of information with my team because I knew a lot of Ganghwa. Then I want to help my team members. That is why I chose this topic.

As I said above, I knew a lot about Ganghwa, so I knew a lot about the Ganghwa's representative products, Pungmul Market, Salted Shrimp Festival and Ganghwa Goryeo Ginseng Festival. When I was young, I participated in the Salted Shrimp Festival and the Ginseng Festival with my family. I also went to see the Pungmul market several times. When we decide the topic, I gave an various opinion through this experience. But I didn’t know the deep details, so the camp learned about the history of the Pungmul market and Why the Pungmul Market Is Special, the effects of Ganghwa's representative products, the definition of mudflats and the creatures that live in mudflats.

When we prepare the presentation, i did not lead the team in the process. However, while collecting information together, i discuss with a team member and helped with the difficult part. Also my team member who difficult to communicate with teacher, sally so i helped them communicate smoothly. At night, I read a total of scripts with my friend and discussed what needs to be edited. It was good to get a lot from this camp as well. I think the fear of English seems to have disappeared. As it was the last camp, I thank the team members who worked hard until the end, and thank the teacher, sally who came first to help us.

2018 Summer Personal Essay

I also participated in a global camp last year. At that time, I participated in the topic of culture. There were many themes then, too. There are always a variety of topics for choosing global camps based on dreams or interests. I talked with foreigners, wrote essays, made presentations, and did some fun and meaningful activities, but unfortunately, I came in fourth place so i joined again this time.

I didn't get much chance to know about Korean history in school class. However, the school bought and sold goods to celebrate 1,100 years of Goryeo and reenacted Byeongnando. I knew that Byeongnando was a port of trade during the Goryeo Dynasty, but I wanted to know more about it because I was not aware of it. So, I chose this topic. Also, it would be nice to know about the history of Goryeo Dynasty from various fields when friends make presentations at the global camp. I am now looking forward to gaining a lot of knowledge.

I knew about management of the Gaeseong merchant in Goryeo Dynasty, what they export and import and advantage of location at Byeongnando. Even during the Goryeo Dynasty, i think it was amazing to exchange many goods with various countries. To be more specific, Byeongnando is located in the lower Yeseong River in Hwanghae Province as an international trade port in East Asia during the Goryeo period. Furthermore, the opening of the port as an international port added to the importance of Byeongnando.

I collected the information needed for presentation, translated the information and prepared it for presentation. Since I prepared hard, I hope my presentation will be completed well. By the time you become a third grader in high school, you can not participate in these activities because it is time to concentrate more on studying. I am sorry about this. It would be nice if more people join the global camp in the future.