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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 7

Growing up through experience.

My first year of high school, which became another turning point in my life, passed very quickly and I became to have a winter vacation. The regret of my one year that passed in the blink of an eye remained deep so that I applied for the global camp to gain experience during the winter vacation. Especially, I wanted to fill up a lot of winter vacation time with the most rewarding activities. After entering high school, I have achieved many growth by doing various activities. So I felt that maybe even a very small learning could create a improved 'me' and I thought I should challenge everything I could experience. The global camp is one of the things I really want to do and at the end of the first year of high school, I expected that I could achieve the best development through the camp. I wanted to use English as much as possible in my daily life through the global camp and to check my English skill. I also aimed to create good results with my colleagues' cooperation, build new relationships, and lastly discover my another possibility.

the things I have achieved

As a result, I was able to achieve all these goals through the global camp. I could even build a deep bond with my teammates far beyond my expectations. Especially, our eternal mentor, Marianna and I developed trust and affection that transcended borders and languages and made many memories with each other. We divided each other's roles together and performed our work efficiently, encouraging and relying on each other. That's when I realized the efficiency of sharing roles according each one's my ability. Even though it was not enough time, We prepared a lot of materials, made props, and prepared for presentation. We did all the work carefully, but did it all. In addition, our team spoke a lot in English, for example it was naturally used in group message space and daily life. Also, because I tried to learn speaking to my teacher, I was able to erase such fear of 'speech in English' and learn many English expressions.

the charm of our Topic

In particular, we learned a lot about our topic, Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection. Actually, the original theme was 'Wet and Mudflat of GangHwa', but We wanted to further explore renewable energy and biodiversity conservation in addition to learn about the mudflats of Ganghwa. It is because I could understand the contents of science textbooks more deeply by linking them with Ganghwa. Frankly Speaking, the reason I chose the original topic was also because I expected to relate it to scientific content. I didn't want to just explore the mudflats or wetlands of Ganghwa, but the process of developing renewable energy in the mudflats or wetlands. and I also wanted to know the creatures that lived there and how to preserve them. When I learned these from my science textbook, I only knew the definition, type of the renewable energy and the need for biodiversity conservation. More specifically, Renewable energy is environmental friendly energy which are including Solar energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, bioenergy, etc that can be used by changing existing fossil fuels or converting renewable energy. I was also aware of such contents that biodiversity should be preserved because it has a tool value and intrinsic value. But I knew this much, so it was hard to say that I knew more about our topic, but I learned a lot more from the global camp.

Learning more about our topic

For example, my most intense research was on biodiversity conservation, which is a concept that combines three levels of diversity: genes, species, and ecosystems. Methods for preserving biodiversity is included monitoring the interests of citizens and social policies, making slogans through campaigns, reducing disposables and using low-carbon products. In addition, we learned about the Ganghwa mudflats, a repository of ecology, and detailed examples of various new and renewable energy used in Ganghwa.

what is my role on our team?

As we explored such topics, we needed a lot of effort, and I made it a priority to create an atmosphere of working together as the leader of the team, overseeing the team as a whole. I didn't know much because it was my first time to participate, but I think I worked harder to make up for that. At the first meeting, I led the meeting and provided ideas for the form of the team's presentation and divided the roles of the team members. At the first meeting, I led the meeting and provided ideas for the form of the team's presentation and also divided the roles of the team members. Starting with that, I focused on the 'biological diversity preservation' section and came up with a ways of preserving biodiversity. In particular, I planned campaigns and created slogans such as the slogan - the more effective, the more green - by actually launching the campaign. I also edited the entire script for uploading on the website and wrote the play script in line with our presentation. Lastly, I produced props for the play and led the presentation practice by encouraging his team members. As a leader, I was very worried about how well I could lead the team, but I think the team was able to make good results because they followed me so well.

I love Global Camp.

I think the Global Camp is a great program. It was also great to be able to challenge a new field and check the information I researched directly on Wiki website. However, I think I didn't have enough time to communicate with my teacher because We had a lot of work to do. We wanted to share our culture and have time to talk about various topics, but eventually We couldn't do that. So, if I have the next chance, I hope I can have the time to talk with before I prepare for the presentation in earnest. I am grateful to all of you for allowing me to have this opportunity, and I hope that the global camp will continue.

<Prompt Questions>

1.Why did you join this camp (expectations)? √

2.Why did you choose this topic? √

3.What did you know about the topic before the camp? √

4.What did you learn about the topic during camp? √

5.What was your role in the team? √

6.What are your future hopes for the camp? √