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2019 Winter Personal Essay

GGHS 2019 Winter - Team 2

As I became close to someone who came to me as a native English teacher in elementary school, I was always excited to meet a new person rather than have prejudice about foreigners. Before entering high school, I applied for Incheon English Village camp until middle school, but I was very disappointed because there was no program like this after entering high school. I applied this time because I felt sad that I failed to apply for the global camp which was introduced to Myonghee teacher last year.

In selecting topic, Dolmen is an easily accessible heritage in Ganghwa, so I decided to choose because I thought it would be convenient to research data. Until the time of selection, I knew simply that dolmen were a representative form of tomb during the Bronze Age in Korea.

My team was composed of 2nd grade sister, five friends , and Evgenia teacher. I didn't know these people before, we shared greetings in Kakao Talk chat,that is why the first time we met in seminar room in the dormitory, I felt awkward. In groups, we had a chat in each room before having dinner. I was suprised that my teacher also speaks Korean, moreover i think she is really pretty. In a row of surprises, we ate dinner and gathered in the media room on the second floor to share roles. Although we usually do it together, I did it in charge of drawing dolmen and then during the research, I learned about the principle of making dolmen, characteristics of each kind, and life of prehistoric people.

My lack of role adaptation was in the play. I thought it was okay because the lines were smaller than I thought. I could work harder because Evgenia supported me a lot. I was very nervous because we did our presentation first and I didn't make any mistakes, so I watched the script even though I memorized it all. But I was satisfied with my voice though I didn't use a microphone.

I thought it would be difficult to win because there was less positive response than I expected, but I was so happy that I got third place. The pride was beyond description because the team members fell into personal circumstances and only 2nd grade sister, me and Evgenia were left, but they were all together for 2 days.

Through the global camp, there were people who became friends with me, and I also learned how to resolve internal conflicts arising from group activities. I also learned about my precious foreign teacher, Evgenia. If I have another chance to camp again, I would like to participate in our history at that time. Global camp was a worthwhile and meaningful activity to get more valuable things.